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07 Useful Tips To Create a Fine Logo Design With Little Efforts

Think about the worst logo design that you have ever seen. Do you remember that design? Surprisingly no! 

The fact is good logo designs remain memorable and bad logos don’t.

You probably have seen numerous logos in your life, but only a few of them work as you remember a few of them due to their versatility or popularity. 

You know that designing and creating a logo is easy, right? Is this means to design a circle, enter a company’s name in it and just download it? Not at all! There is a huge science behind it all. This doesn’t mean that only highly processed logos go viral. Several online companies provide their best logo maker software to their clients at affordable prices.

Some logo designers think that simple logos can work more and affect on a deeper level than a complicated one, and this is true no doubt!

Whether you choose a professional designer, design yourself, or choose an agency, below are the steps that you should follow to get your logo done.

1- Create your brand’s individuality

Your brand identity is the very first visual element that your customer sees from very far away. From colors to elements, or from graphics to fonts, everything visual identity explains who you are and what is your brand’s purpose. Before getting started your brand, ask yourself some questions like

  • What is your brand’s purpose?
  • What makes it ideal among all?
  • What are its future goals?
  • What makes your business unique from others?
  • What sets you apart from the pack?

Your brand is the most distinguishable identity for your consumers’ so before putting any steps towards designs, ask yourself “who you are” question asap.

2- Search to get inspiration on the internet

Finding inspiration from other brands isn’t illegal at all but increases your visions and helps you to know the current market trend. Starting from the start is sometimes too hectic due to incalculable ideas that surround you and can’t even allow you to focus on your primary goal.

In this situation, it is better to get instant inspiration from anywhere whether it is from advertisement, any social media app, or from a recognized brand. Below is the list that you should give a read.

  • Logoed: From logoed, you get numerous logo inspiration designs easily
  • Logospire: It contains a large number of logos that the user upload to help others to get inspiration
  • Logo Design Love: A blog from where thousands of inspirational designs from all over the world

3- Choose perfect colors to complete your Logo design

Studies show that color can affect users’ moods and can make them buy your products. Using attractive colors that suit your brand’s nature will finally affect people’s minds. 

Every color sounds unique in its aspects. Green has its own natural occurrence and values, while red gives emotions, blue represents science and technology while brown represents earthy nature.

Using multiple colors themes is another way to represent your design uniquely. Monochromatic themes are highly in demand in the digital market.

4- Choose a perfect typeface or font

Typefaces are the most important in branding especially when you use a text-based logo theme. The two terms typeface and fonts are considered synonyms to each other as they are interchangeable. 

Typefaces are often divided into symbols and other characteristics like italic or bold.

5- Create a rough version than finalize it

The very next important step is to roughly plot a draft to examine your design from its all aspects. Check how it looks when it displays on your business wall. Do practice your design as much as possible to get the proper idea of how to design its unique imagery, give it styles and make it eye-catchy.

6- Acquire feedbacks

Don’t get disheartened if you can’t get proper knowledge of how to use a different letter and make it identical. Once when you get done with your design, start getting feedback from others who have knowledge about it or have past experience in the same field. You know about your logo’s design mistakes and are able to get it correct.

But in case if you don’t ask questions or don’t make a draft of your design, then it would become difficult for you to make brand imagery. People never trust you due to the scarcity in your design.

7- Enhance your crafted design

Work on your crafted designs and make them supercools. Use all the latest tools to stand out among the audience. Display it on your business cards, brochures, social media posts, t-shirts, or other promotional material.

Summing up

Hence above are some of the best tips to create your logo designs having no or little no experience. The guide provides you with full knowledge from scratch. Making yourself aware of the up-and-coming field in graphic design helps you to stand out among competitors and create your own place in the market.

The idea of creating a logo seems daunting at first, but having a deep understanding of its principle and idea will always help you bring out the best.


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