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10 Incredible baby gift ideas for 1st birthday party

If you are invited to a birthday party and the young birthday boy is just 1 year old then this is our time for you to do something to please the little one. Baby gifts have to be something safe, adorable, fun and educational. You can’t just show up with a regular bouquet and expect to fit in. Here are a few guy ideas that would ease your burden if choosing a perfect baby gift m

Fun themed cake

1st birthday themed cake can be acquired from online cake store that are open 24*7 with their extraordinary cake art. Surprise the toddler and all the other guests with a fun cake of subtle flavour. Yin doesn’t need to think for hours before coming up with a desk design for babycakes. Just ask the bakers to out up some cute edible animals, lively colours and you are all set to make a statement with an incredible gift.


Soft and adorable plushies can be the ultimate gift for the little one. These plushies come in lovable shapes of cute animals and can be used as a fun alternative for regular pillows. Plushies, with its soft texture and harmless nature, can be the favourite toy of the baby.

‘It’s a boy’ / ‘baby boy’ cushions

 Comfortable cushions with a printed baby quote, doodles and scribble writing like  ‘baby boy’ can be a suitable gift for his first birthday. Babies are attracted to whatever is comfortable and vibrant. Cushions are a great choice as there is no chance of the baby getting hurt with this. You will please the baby and his parents with this thoughtful gift.

Nutritious Baby food

Buying any packet of baby food is not enough. You need to have a clear idea of the nutrition a 1-year-old baby needs. Your dilemma can be used with ready-made food packets that come with clear instructions and a detailed explanation of its contents. Just like online cake delivery, you can order this from a trusted source.  The new parents will love you for taking out time to think about their baby’s health.

Baby boy gift box

Baby boy gift box with baby pants, diapers, bibs, rattle, baby shirts, socks and everyday baby care essentials is a decent gift that can be easily bought without any hustle. Moreover, these boxes are pre-decorated with baby-themed doodles and cool colours so additional effort to wrap the box into flashy gift paper is unnecessary.

Musical learning table

Musical learning tables can be a great toy cum learning source. E et can’t need a nice toy that can have some educational value at the same time. Musical learning tables can become the baby boy’s favourite pastime with its versatile nature of a regular table when needed and an extraordinary music teacher later.

Comfortable birthday creeper

A comfy birthday creeper with bright colours can be the outfit if the baby later during his first birthday celebration. These creepers are baby friends and omit the struggle of parents when undressing the baby to check on his diaper.

Balanced toddler bike

Balanced toddler bikes are a fun gift alternative. Almost all these bikes come with safety gear like the baby like helmets, knee pads and safety wheels to make sure the baby could have some fun without hurting itself.

Play tent with tunnel

Play tents are way better than regular toys. It helps the baby to get imaginative whole by indulging it into some creative games. Play tunnels with tunnels create a make-believe world for the baby to get lost with its little brain full of imagination.

Dinosaur themed night lamp globe

Dinosaur themed night lamp globe will illuminate the night hours with a glow of comfort to help the baby complete its good night sleep.


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