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15 Meaningful Gift Suggestions to Cope With The Pandemic 

The pandemic was a huge blow to the people across the world. While things are gradually getting better in some parts of the world, the multitude is experiencing nothing but darkness during this time due to unemployment, illness, economic crisis, etc. Though you can’t magically heal the world, you can certainly motivate the feeling around you with a meaningful gift that could nudge them to fight the bitter situation and excavate their happy self. Here are a few thoughtful gift suggestions that could help your dear ones cope with the pandemic. 


Music is the best therapy to cope with various difficulties in life. Whether someone is exhausted, drained or on the verge of a mental breakdown, the music never fails to console them. Branded AirPods are the best gift to encourage someone to take refuge in soothing tunes. 

All is well Custom cake

A little reminder of good things are on the way could cheer hearts. All is well, delicious custom made cakes from expert chefs of best cake shop bangalore make an excellent gift.

Virtual cooking class

The pandemic came as a life-altering experience for everyone, teaching us the importance of basic skills for survival. For those who lack the skill of regular cooking, a virtual cooking class subscription for them is like a lifesaver. 

Fitness tracker

A digital fitness tracker is much needed especially during the lockdown days which, due to the contract threat of mutated virus could be back any second. This tracer will make sure the pandemic doesn’t take a toll on the health of those who strive to keep themselves fit. 

Herb garden starter pack

A basic herb garden starter pack could enable oriole with a green thumb to grow their preferred herbs either for cooking purposes or medical use at home without relying on store supplies. 

Meditation app subscription

Meditating is important to ease the inner consciousness of emotional burdens. Wholesome fitness includes mental and physical health, a mediation app subscription is a great gift to encourage someone you care about and take health seriously. 

Adult colouring book

An adult colouring book could be quite relaxing. This gift will make sure the recipient could have an easy portable calming technique in their house. 

Organic skincare set

Taking care of skin falls under the category of fitness. While you are working out and meditating to keep your inner self strong and fit, don’t ignore giving equal attention to your skin. An organic skincare set will make sure the recipient could flaunt radiating and healthy skin. 

Feel good journal

A personalised feel-good journal for documenting daily life could be a relaxing way. This journal could be a means of introspecting for the greater good.

Baked goodness gift hamper

A baked gift hamper filled with tasteful doughnuts, brownies, cupcakes, pastries, cookies and more could be a source of euphoria for any sweet lover. Just like you order cake online in noida, opt for easy home delivery of the exclusive edible food package. 

A floating moon night light

A mystical floating moon night light looks great on a bedside table and fills the room with subtle light during dark hours. 


Comfortable loungewear helps in feeling good about oneself especially on mundane weekends.

Flavoured tea 

Handpicked tea with myriads of throat comforting flavour is certainly a nice gift for anyone who tends to find solace in a warm beverage.

Book club membership 

Books are man’s best friend. An exclusive book club membership could be like a dream come true for avid bibliophiles who are crazy about exploring different genres, authors and their best work. 

A book highlighting pandemic silver lining 

A personalised book highlighting inspiring silver kings of the pandemic period is the greatest gift ever. People who feel low during these hard times could use some motivation to notice the silver linings and I’ll move forward in life. 


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