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5 Best Practices That Support Virtual Events in the Age of Restricted Travel

Due to corona, you can see various restrictions across the world. Nothing is like before, whether you can travel, food, conferences, meetings, and many other events. Now, the virtual event era has started. You can organize a massive gathering online but not offline.

That’s why you can find numerous virtual event platforms online providing different features in an online event. But with the top 3D virtual conference platform, you can add an immersive experience to your event that can grab the maximum engagement and interaction.

So, keep in mind some practices that can be helpful for organizing a successful virtual event. Moreover, below are some tips to provide some instant knowledge that can be helpful to conduct a successful virtual event.

5 Best Practices for Successful Virtual Events in this Restrictive Era

All you need to do is add best practices to your event organizations. So, here is a complete list of pointers that you must keep in mind in order to conduct a successful virtual event.

Don’t Copy a Physical Event!

You don’t have to copy or admire a physical event. If you have picked the right 3d virtual conference platform, you will get a complete personalization option to design your environment as per your choice. So, you have the opportunity to be creative, as you have 3 features to give special attention to, such as:

  1. Customize the Environment: You have to decide the sessions and booth counts you want in your virtual event. Moreover, you can organize various objects in your event as per your finalized requirements.
  1. Create a Dynamic Lobby: You can start your lobby decor with the animated lights and soothing music at the entrance. Secondly, work on the gifs or images you want to display on the dynamic banners in your virtual event.
  1. Provide a Seamless Navigation:You can add a 360 navigator to help your attendees explore every side and aspect of your virtual event. With a top virtual event platform, you can apply all these practices to your next event in order to get an impressive ambiance.

Use Audience Pain Points

You may have collected a lot of information about your event from attendees. How was the overall experience of the event? What will rank the engagement features? Which booth or session was the best? Moreover, you can ask these questions to your attendees by sending emails, on social media, via poll during the event, and more ways. Keep analysis of audience reviews and consider them for your next virtual event in order to boost the success rate. Additionally, you can implement the editing you want with virtual event platform experts.

Offer Multiple Integrations

You can offer various internal and external integrated tools to the audience that they can use for better networking. Moreover, it is an essential feature for connection and interaction that you must take in your practice in this age of restrictions. So, some options that you can get with the best 3d virtual conference platform are as follows:

  1. Live Chat: You can offer real-time 1:1 & group communication between the speakers, exhibitors, & attendees via the live chat option.
  1. Q&A Sessions: You can foster a 2-way communication and knowledge sharing by providing the attendees and speakers with the Q&A session.
  1. WhatsApp & Zoom Meeting Integration: You can provide apps like WhatsApp & zoom as a mode of smooth communication between the attendees.
  1. Live Audio & Video Calls: You can offer the audio or video call option to the attendees who think real-time calling can be an excellent option to share their thoughts clearly.

Give the Real-Life Experience

Your virtual event should have a unique impression on the audience. But also must endure a real-life experience. A real-life experience can make your event more memorable and engaging for the attendees. Moreover, keep these 3 features in your practice to make the experience better in the future.

  1. 3D Virtual Event Experience: 3D effect can be beneficial for attendees to explore endless opportunities at your virtual event. Moreover, it gives an immersive experience that makes your event successful.
  1. Networking Tools: You must-have tools in your virtual event that enables the attendees to connect with speakers, other participants, sponsors, representatives, exhibitors, and whoever they want to present at the event.
  1. Engagement Tools: It is hard to keep all your attendees entertained. At some point, some of them may be bored at your event. Hence, it is necessary that you implement some tools that can be beneficial to keep you engaged at your event.

Choose the Best 3D Virtual Conference Platform!

A virtual event platform is the basis of everything shared above. Still, some people ignore comparing and choosing the best online exhibition solution after a proper analysis as they do not find it essential. But in this age of restricted travelling, you have to reach the attendees with an immersive experience.

Hence, here is a list of features that you must check before finalizing the virtual event expert for your virtual event.

  • Live video streaming
  • Live chats
  • Virtual booths
  • Breakout sessions
  • User Profiles
  • Live Audience Polling
  • Q&A Sessions
  • 360-degree environment
  • Seamless user experience
  • Private meetings & Group Chats
  • Exceptional 3D designs
  • Engagement in Audi via Emoticons
  • Business card exchange
  • Breakout sessions
  • Interactive elements
  • Entertainment Shows
  • AR/VR Fun Games
  • Photo Booths
  • Social Wall
  • Analytics Tools
  • Easy Navigation
  • Access Control
  • Networking Tools
  • Engagement Tools
  • AI matchmaking tool
  • Innovative networking tools
  • Dynamic banners functionality
  • DIY booth button icons and names
  • B2B meeting scheduler
  • Whatsapp and zoom meeting integration

You must look for these features whenever you find a virtual event platform for your event. Moreover, you don’t have to worry about the interaction and engagement in your event. Hence, you can achieve all of these pointers in your event with these features without difficulty.

So, these are the various best practices that support a virtual event in an age of restricted travel & gatherings. You can achieve success in your events by implementing these practices efficiently.

Hope, you will find this article beneficial to create a 100% successful virtual event even in this restricted time!


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