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5 Signs You Need a Dental Check-Up

While visiting the dentist twice a year is recommended, sometimes it’s not enough to prevent oral health issues. Luckily, your body gives you the signs you may need to see the dentist. But these warning signs vary for each individual. They also depend on what issue you’re experiencing. So, how do you know when you need to schedule an appointment for a dental check-up? Temecula Dentist has listed five warning signs that you should look out for. 

1. Toothache 

When you are experiencing toothaches, the pain in the mouth or jaw usually tells you that something is wrong. According to the American Dental Association (ADA), toothaches usually indicate a cavity or gum disease. You probably already know that toothache is a symptom of several dental ailments. That means you should get your oral condition evaluated by a dentist. If you suffer from a toothache for more than a day, you should seek dental treatment right away. But first, you should schedule an appointment for a dental check-up to learn about the exact cause of your toothache. 

2. Tooth sensitivity 

Tooth sensitivity is another common symptom associated with several oral health issues. If the symptoms, such as tooth sensitivity, last for a day or less, it may not be serious. However, if you have tooth sensitivity for more than a day, you should see your dentist. Sensitive teeth happen when you have difficulty consuming hot or cold food and drinks. According to the ADA, sensitive teeth are often due to tooth decay, gum disease, weak tooth enamel, exposed roots because of gum recession, or worn-out fillings. If you suffer from this condition, it may be difficult for you to conduct daily life tasks as even the simple act of drinking cold water can cause discomfort. Therefore, visit the dentist for a check-up and learn about the exact cause of sensitive teeth if the symptom persists for more than a day.

3. Bleeding gums

If you experience bleeding gums regularly, you should seek a dental check-up right away. The ADA explains that bleeding gums can be a sign of gum disease. In other cases, you may experience this condition if you brush too hard, which is again bad for your teeth. So the best way to find out the cause is to seek the dentist’s help. 

4. Mouth sores

Mouth sores can occur due to several reasons. According to the ADA, oral sores can include cold sores, canker sores, candidiasis, and leukoplakia. So if you suffer from frequent mouth sores, get them checked by the dentist to learn about the cause and receive the best treatment method. Visit your dentist right away if a sore lasts more than 14 days, as it could be a sign of a serious underlying health issue. 

5. Previous dental work feels loose or broken 

If you have undergone any form of dental work in the past, it’s advisable to keep an eye on the area. If you feel pain or the dental work feels loose or broken, you should see your dentist right away. Some people believe that once they get the implant or crown, they won’t have to worry about their teeth forever. However, if you’re not careful enough, your crown or implant can become loose or break. Once this happens, it can lead to several dental issues that you want to avoid. Therefore, if this is the case for you, schedule an appointment with your dentist. 


If you experience any of the issues mentioned above, you should schedule an appointment with your dentist. Visit your Temecula dentist. if you think you have a dental problem or haven’t visited your dentist for more than six months. Contact us today for more information.

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