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7 Pieces of Expensive Decor That Are Worth the Money

When you visit your favorite home furnishings goods store and retailer, you’ll notice that the prices have several ranges. The same is true for the home furnishings section at your favorite omni-channel retailer. After setting your interior decor budget, you need to decide how you’re going to spread it around. A trend that has gained steam is multi-purpose and functionality in decor. 

You can hold back paying too much on simple side tables. However, you can spend more on a majestic dining room table.

The following is a list of seven pieces of expensive decor that are worth the money.

1. Window Treatments

Window treatments include blinds, curtains, and shades. It’s OK to splurge on them because they serve several purposes. 

First, window treatments protect your interior decor and furniture from the sun’s rays. This prevents them from fading quickly. At night, they darken your home so you can fall asleep easier.

Next, window treatments add beautiful decorative touches to your home’s rooms. 

2. Art

If you walk into your favorite high-end discount store, you’ll notice that they have a selection of art pieces. In many cases, each piece is unique even though manufacturers produce them on a mass level. Each store only carries one of each.

Art doesn’t speak to all individuals. However, if you search in-store and online, you might come across a piece that connects with you. You might also find an artist that has an interesting point of view.

When you find art that you like, it’s OK to splurge on it, especially if it’s one-of-a-kind. Art is an easy way to decorate a wall without too much effort.

3. Rugs

As more property owners and home builders skip carpeting, luxury rugs keep rising in demand. Rugs fit nicely over carpeted floors too.

The array of rug possibilities is almost endless. Styles include:

  • Traditional
  • Art Deco
  • Flat weave
  • Modern
  • Antique

Plus, sizes range from personal to 12 feet by 12 feet.

You’ll find them in different thicknesses, colors, and patterns. Whether you expect the rug to receive a lot of traffic or sit like a piece of art for guests to admire, you can splurge on it.

Explore some rug options online offered by Lawrence of La Brea.

4. Lighting

People have caught on to the decorative power of lighting. Chandeliers hang in homes with spacious entryways, dining rooms, and high ceilings. It’s also possible to decorate with sconces, overhead and under lights. 

Interior designers believe that lights create three moods including ambient. Everyone needs to decide how they will illuminate their space after the sun sets. 

Lighting creates different moods, helps you see when it’s dark, and adds beautiful touches to all spaces. When you pick your lighting, you can splurge on it.

5. Chairs and Sofas

Every home requires furnishings for sitting. Therefore, it’s OK to splurge on chairs and sofas. After all, they double as decor.

Many decor items hold up well even though they have a low price tag. However, it’s best to obtain sturdier versions when they will receive lots of traffic.

High-end chairs and sofas last longer. Plus, they have the price tag to match. In time, they become an investment. You don’t need to replace them often and they serve their purpose longer.

6. Statement Pieces

A statement piece is anything that begins a design theme. It’s the item that you highlight in a room. You want your guests to notice it. Your choice for a statement piece is worth the money.

Statement piece options include a:

  • Chandelier
  • Graphic art
  • Antiques
  • Mirrors

You can also use family heirlooms, vintage items, and memorabilia. 

7. Storage

When decorating a home, remember to integrate some storage pieces. Kitchen cabinets, bookshelves, and tables with hidden compartments have multi-functions. Plus, they add decorative touches.

Even vintage credenzas spruce up a space while hiding your important documents and stationery.

In 2020, individuals realized that they wanted to live in comfort instead of chaos. Even though it sounds cliche, a great way to accomplish that feat is to ensure that everything has a place.


The less-is-more trend is likely to continue well into 2022. As Americans face supply chain disruptions, several will shop from existing inventories and vintage pieces. The high-end decor has a big-ticket price tag because it’s versatile, sturdy, and beautiful.


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