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7 Tips for Cat Food On What To Avoid Feeding Your Loved One

Serious pet owners are aware of the importance of feeding their cats a proper cat diet and avoiding bad commercial cat food. If you buy cat food from a big box store, you might be in for a rude awakening. The “Premium Cat Food” that you find might not be as good for your beloved cat as you think.

The truth is that the pet food industry has a lot of dirty little secrets that they don’t want the general public to know about. The industry includes wholesale dog clothes manufacturers as well.

So, before you go out and buy the next bag of cat food, do some research on the industry and then make your decision.

1. The pet food labels use weasel words to trick you – beware!

To deceive you, pet food labels on store shelves use euphemisms. Weasel words are words that appear to be promising but don’t mean anything. Words like “premium,” “choice,” and “quality” are slapped on labels, and it’s perfectly legal as long as they don’t make any guarantees about the food’s ingredients or the food itself, according to the rules. The term “premium” is purely and simply a marketing term. It’s on the label to persuade you to buy, and it doesn’t do anything else. After all, with the right labels, bad commercial cat food sounds a lot more appealing.

2. If you read the ingredients, you can tell if the cat food is worth buying.

Meat and bone meal is a common primary ingredient in low-quality pet food. “Meat and bone meal,” is a mixture of animal intestines, diseased tissues, bone fragments, and occasionally even the remains of euthanized cats, dogs, and sheep. Giving it in a cat litter produced by one of the best cat litter suppliers is essential.

Similar ingredients written above can also be found in meat by-products and animal digest. This is why many pets become ill as a result of ingesting tainted commercial cat food.

3. Pet food is subjected to less quality control than human food.

There are different levels of pet food quality, just like there are different levels of human food quality. Each bag of pet food comes with a guaranteed analysis of the ingredients, allowing you to learn about the fat, protein, and carbohydrate percentages in the food.

The analysis does not reveal the protein’s sources, and some pet food manufacturers have been known to use low-nutrition sources like chicken feet to boost the protein content of their products. Furthermore, many of them use euthanized animals in their pet food due to illness. If you don’t know this simple trick, getting a proper cat diet can be difficult.

4. Human-grade ingredients are used in the best cat food.

This should be obvious, but it isn’t always the case. Many pet food manufacturers claim to use human-grade ingredients, but only use one or two that are fit for human consumption. It’s critical to choose APHIS European certified pet food if you want to ensure that your pet’s food is 100 percent human-grade. When European countries import pet food from the United States, they insist on human-grade ingredients. Use that rule to prevent yourself from purchasing low-quality food.

5. In human food, healthy bacteria called probiotics are found in healthier cat food.

You must ensure that the bacteria in your cat’s intestines are present in the recommended numbers to ensure that you have a proper cat diet. Acidophilus should be found on the label. If it’s not on the label, you’ll need to find a healthier cat food or supplement it with probiotics and enzymes to help your pet’s immune system.

6. Cancer-causing chemicals are used as preservatives in pet food.

BHT and BHA are two of the most dangerous preservatives, both of which cause cancer and other illnesses. Make an effort to find natural preservatives like Vitamin E or natural mixed tocopherols when purchasing pet food. BHT will not be present in a proper cat diet. Talking about diet, it is necessary to provide them food in a cat litter manufactured by one of the top cat litter manufacturers.

7. Chelated minerals are simpler to work with.

Copper, iron, and zinc are minerals that your pet requires in its diet. Minerals are difficult to absorb in humans and animals alike. Science has made it easier for animals to get the minerals they require by using a process known as chelation. Chelated minerals will be listed in the ingredient statement of healthier cat food.


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