9 Simple Tips to Negotiate With Your Packers and Movers

9 Simple Tips to Negotiate With Your Packers and Movers

Recently, many packers and movers companies are opening in the metro cities like Delhi, Bangalore, etc. Every moving company has wide domain expertise with them. This makes the customers choose the company according to their preferences.

However, most of the reliable movers charge incredibly high. People who have a small budget are scared of choosing them. The reason is that they don’t have much money to spend on their move. So, they opt for the DIY move.

Luckily, there are ways through which you can negotiate the movers in the best manner. These tips will help you get professional services at an affordable price.

Some of the best tips to negotiate easily with your movers are as follows:-

1. Create a Simple List of Moving the Items

You should always be mindful of making a simple list for transporting your items. Try to keep only important things on that list. This will help in reducing your movers and packers cost to a great extent.

Also, make sure to share your goods list while choosing your packers and movers. You need to discuss this list with them for reducing their moving charges.

Tell them that you have only simple items to relocate. So, it would be good for you if they cut your moving costs.

2. Consider Getting Different Moving Quotes

Considering the multiple quotes is highly beneficial for you to get affordable moving services different moving companies charge differently.  So, you need to consider different quotes to grab the best quote as per your moving requirements.

So, it would be best to know about different moving companies and their background. Also, make sure to know their reputation in the moving industry. This will help them understand the standing of the company you are going to book for your move.

3. Sorting the Items

Sorting your goods is a skill. You need to separate the important goods from unimportant ones. Once you do this, keep the important belongings aside.

Now, start sorting unimportant items. There are 2 best ways to get rid of them. Either you can donate them or sell them.

People who have insufficient funds sell their articles to get some money. Others donate them to NGOs and other charitable societies.

However, the main idea behind sorting the items is that you need to limit your items. You don’t need to take the unimportant items with you. So, just keep the items that you will take to your new home.

4. Discuss Your Budget with the Movers

The moving people visit your house for the pre-move survey. You should discuss your moving budget with them at that time.

Tell them that you have limited items to move. Also, tell them that you have specified a low budget for this work.

You can try your best to cut your moving costs. It is possible that your mover might cut your relocation costs if you convince them properly.

5. Prefer Moving In the Off-Season

The summer season is the peak moving season in India. If you move in this season, you need to pay high prices. So, never move in the peak season. Instead, choose the off-season for your move.

If you relocate in the off-season, you have better chances to avail the moving services at the best prices.

Many moving companies are ready to negotiate the prices in this season. So, you need to take benefit of it.

Make sure to convince your packers and movers in Pune to cut down the moving costs. If you tackle them perfectly, you will be able to negotiate them in the best way.

6. Perform a Background Research

Doing some background research is much beneficial before choosing a moving company. You need to get a thorough understanding of a particular company.

Once you choose a suitable company, you can know about its position in the market. Make sure to check its review on the internet.

Also, check at what prices it is offering their services. Once you know about their prices, you can negotiate with them easily.

7. Negotiate To Find the Best Deal

Make sure to negotiate till you find an excellent deal. Remember, you don’t have to look for cheap services but qualitative and affordable services. So, try to negotiate when it is necessary.

If you think that your chosen services are both affordable and qualitative, then hire this company straightaway.

Many people look for the cheapest deal. However, these people make a big mistake by doing this. They regret their actions later.

Sometimes, the fraud movers attract the customers by luring them due to their cheap prices. Many customers fall prey to them and are duped by them.

So, make sure to look for affordable moving charges while looking for a moving company.

Hence, you shouldn’t go for the cheapest deal but an affordable deal. Try negotiating to a certain limit. Do not stretch the negotiation process.

8. Use Some Negotiation Skills

You should develop negotiation skills that will be much helpful for you throughout the negotiation process. Ask your friends’ help regarding this matter.

Contact the friends who are good at negotiating with moving companies. Many of your friends might have obtained the services of moving firms. So, contacting these people will be much helpful. You will know about the right art of negotiating by contacting them.

9. Look for the Discounts

Several moving companies offer attractive discounts on moving services. So, make sure to search for such companies. Getting their services will be good for you.

If you get good discounts from them, you will be able to reduce your moving expenses.

Generally, you might get these discounts at a certain time. Off-season, weekdays, mid-months are the best times to get good moving discounts.

Many people prefer moving their goods during this time. So, they get the best discounts for their relocation.


There are several other ways to negotiate with the packers and movers. You should be smart enough to negotiate your packet and movers perfectly.

Find the best occasions where you can get good discounts. This way, you will be successful in minimizing your moving costs.





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