A Brand-First Mobile Marketplace For American Brands

Wish is an all-mobile shopping experience. The company has grown quickly to become the number one mobile e-commerce site in the US and Europe. With more than 300 million monthly active users, Wish is now the sixth largest e-commerce company in the world. Founded in 2011, Wish is now an all-in-one solution for shopping and selling on the go. Despite its small size, Wish has millions of users, 5 million active customers, and over 1.5 million orders each day. It has a rapidly expanding user base with new customers joining daily.

Among the companies offering e-commerce solutions to brands is FarFetch, a luxury-brand marketplace with over a million products and an affluent target market. With an average price of about $200-300, FarFetch caters to the wealthy. The company has a large eCommerce tech stack and sophisticated retail solutions to help brands find the right partners for their needs. Fruugo offers an all-in-one platform for fashion and lifestyle brands to connect with the right manufacturers. Unlike traditional retail and wholesale networks, Fruugo charges only when the product is sold. Its pricing structure enables sellers to sell to buyers in 46 countries worldwide.

People always wonder what the antidote is to Amazon, an eCommerce empire that takes pride in ever-improving efficiency and using robots to replace humans. Maybe Poppy is our latest answer. Poppy is a fashion and lifestyle-focused marketplace. When you open the Poppy mobile app, which is the primary form of the user interface, you can explore thousands of unique brands with distinctive identities and various aesthetic choices. From indie yoga apparel brands to succulent gift boxes for birthdays, you can easily discover goodies to light up your day. 

There is no other inspirational marketplace quite like this. Poppy has nearly 100 million products curated from all indie brands all over the internet. It is more like a “Shoppable Pinterest” or mobile-friendly “Google Shopping”. And it is an ever-growing platform with daily updates of 15,000 products.  So you may ask why we need another shopping platform like this? Why don’t we just all stick to Amazon?

The mobile app for the brand-first marketplace lets consumers browse thousands of unique brands on the go. A brand’s website is the best place to share product information. A platform can help a company find the right products for its business. While it may be impossible to find every product on a website, a consumer can view product information online and make a purchase on a smartphone. A mobile app can also be used to create and sell products for many different purposes.






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