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About Some Cakes That Will Also Match Your Theme

Cakes are essential parts of our lives as we cut cakes to celebrate anything like birthdays, marriage ceremonies, anniversaries, and much more. So choosing the perfect cake is also a tough challenge because there are so many circumstances and themes that you have to put in your mind before the selection. 

For example, for your kid’s birthday, you have to buy a child-themed cake and like for any marriage ceremony you would like to choose a traditional cake, so like this the cake changes as per your theme so let’s discuss some cakes and with which piece it suits. 

And yes, online cake delivery in Ranchi is available. So you can order cake online from any corner of Ranchi. Now let’s come to the first theme with its cake.

Shin-chan Cake 

Shin-chan is a very well-known animation character famous all over the world and the favorite character of every child, so nothing is better than a cake of shin chan on your kid’s birthday. Let’s see how this cake is made and the flavors included in this shin chan cake. 

So basically, this cake is of chocolate flavour because there’s no doubt that chocolate is the most favorite sweet of every child. That’s why this cake’s base is made up of chocolate. 

This is a sandwich cake which has a chocolate filling inside it to make this cake more chocolatey. So we can also call this a shin chan chocolate cake because of its composition. So now let’s come to the next cake.

Photo Memorial Cake 

Anniversaries are the most memorable events in our lives, and for celebrating this function, you should select the best cake because it will also be remembered forever. So today you’re going to know about photo memorial cake. 

This is a picture bind cake where you can put your memorable collage snapshot on top of the cake. Now let’s see how this memory cake is made. The base of this cake is made up of vanilla. The reason behind choosing vanilla in this cake is that vanilla is a very bold flavour. We can also say that this is the oldest flavour in flavour history. 

And this photo memory cake is also made for anniversaries where we remember our old days. That’s why this cake is made up of this vanilla flavour. And the pictures of this cake are edible. 

The images are printed with edible ink on edible icing papers, so you don’t have to worry about the illustrations or photos on this cake. So don’t forget to order cake online when you’re celebrating your anniversary. So now let’s catch the next cake.

Wedding Cake

In our life, getting married is also an essential thing indeed. This marriage is between the two couples, but it also creates a link between two families. To celebrate this occasion you must choose the best cake because everyone will remember this cake, so here is a wedding cake and you will indeed fall in love with this cake. 

So this is a topper cake which means the cake is made as it is but, at the top of the cake, a cartoon of the bride and the groom will be there, isn’t it fantastic? Yes, it is. This is all about the decoration. Now let’s talk about the base of this cake. The command will be red velvet. 

The reason behind choosing this flavour is that red velvet is radish in color and the color of love. That’s why this cake’s base is made up of this flavour. Red velvet’s red color is not extracted from any red dye; the radish color comes from a reaction between cocoa powder, buttermilk, and vinegar ( cocoa powder contains anthocyanin, an antioxidant and reacts to acids). You can order cake online from any corner of Ranchi. So now let’s talk about the next cake.

Gender Reveal Cake

The gender-revealing ceremony is a very new trend nowadays. The first gender reveal party was seen in the early 2000s. The couple celebrates this function by unveiling the gender of their upcoming baby. The gender is indicated by pink or blue cake where pink means girl and blue means boy, so now let’s see how this cake is made. 

The base of this cake is made up of neutral color vanilla, but inside the cake is sandwiched with blue or pink buttercream, which indicates the gender of the baby. And at the top of the cake, a little note is in addition to wishing good luck and asking if it is a girl or boy. It would be best if you tried this cake once. 

You can order cake online from any corner of Ranchi. So by these all, we can also feel the importance of cake in our life. Hope that it will be helpful for you. 


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