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Advice. How to teach your child to ride a motorcycle

The first steps of a child on a motorcycle

How to teach the little ones to ride a motorcycle is a relatively simple task. But it is essential to get it right so that you create a solid foundation and evolve with control, security and style. Here we give you the keys to take the first steps on a motorcycle and what we recommend is to do it already on an electric motorcycle.

Times change and, as in everything, technology ends up imposing itself on our lives. There are not a few of us who have learned to ride the small mini cross or gasoline trial bikes that many of the brands had -and still have- available in their catalogues. But let’s be realistic… the electric world is already among us and it is here to stay.

Why an electric motorcycle for my son?

Although electric motorcycles are not yet taking hold for adults due to their limited autonomy, the same does not happen with children’s motorcycles that only offer us benefits. The main advantages are the following:

  • No noise. We will be able to teach the little ones even in a public park as if it were a toy motorcycle. Children are also reassured that the motor does not make noise.
  • No emissions. Zero pollution and the social benefits that it implies.
  • Cleaner and odor free. No liquid leaks, no grease beyond the chain. We can carry it in the trunk of the car like someone who carries a bike.
  • Adjustable gas delivery and speed . Avoid scares and children evolve little by little progressively. Many have, like the KTM SX-E 5 in this test , different power levels.
  • Easy charging at home. It’s like recharging any electronic device.
  • Autonomy. Enough to spend a fun morning. In initiation mode they can last up to 5 hours.

Equipment of the child on a motorcycle

It is likely that the first times that the little ones dare to ride a motorcycle they do not have the appropriate equipment or technical clothing like the ones we see in the catalogues. It does not matter. We can do it with things that we have in the closet at home , except for the helmet that we do recommend that it be a motocross and motorcycle type helmet . The protections will be worth the ones you use for the bike, skates etc… and you should wear high boots that protect your ankle and if it can be the tibia . Long pants and a long – sleeved shirt will also be essential.

Do not try to put all kinds of protections or borrowed clothing that is not your size because it is counterproductive and you will be extremely clumsy on the bike. At first you need agility. By being able to adjust the speed of the motorcycle, the “teacher” will be able to stay close to the kid at all times to avoid risks.

If we see that after the first days the child is encouraged to continue riding, it is when we will have to consider investing in real technical material and here the brands have a huge offer for them. Get your wallet ready because it’s not cheap . In the second-hand market there are good bargains to start with. Sometimes it is the best option since from one year to the next many garments will not fit. Do not hesitate and start your child on two wheels!


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