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All about aesthetic mens clothing

Men around the world realize they don’t have to wear the same thing every day. Why should they? Certain fashion aesthetic men’s clothing are more appealing than others while some men tend to be attracted to a certain aesthetic their whole lives. For those who feel compelled to try on a new look, we decided to write this article that lists the different aesthetics men can experiment with in 2020 and beyond.

Gothic Aesthetic

The gothic aesthetic is a little out there but it’s a great style to try out for any guy. It’s not as simple as just wearing all black. This look is all about layers and accessorizing. Layer on a mesh shirt over a plain black one or layering a tee shirt over a turtleneck. You can add chains around your neck or along your belt and pants. This look is all about the layers, the way you were those layers, and deep dark colors. The gothic look obviously isn’t for everyone but I think it’s a great aesthetic for everyone to try once.

Cottagecore Aesthetic

Cottagecore is an aesthetic in which you wear loose-fitting corduroys and a loose button-up. You could also wear some overalls with a basic tee. One really cute cottagecore outfit is wearing some plaid brown paints, a button-up shirt, and some suspenders. This aesthetic is just really cute and great for someone to experiment with their fashion without being too out there.

Streetwear Aesthetic

Every guy has a hoodie and some jeans. It doesn’t take much effort or thought to put those two pieces together. You can easily buy a few things, throw them on, and go about your day looking great. Streetwear, in this way, is super simple to follow. Streetwear also gives you a pretty big variety of different looks. Sometimes you might want to throw on a hat and/or tie your shoes differently and boom, new look. The endless possibilities of streetwear is what makes it so special.

Skater Boy Aesthetic

This aesthetic may seem similar to streetwear but is actually a move chiller version. It’s all about a relaxed fit that is easy to move in. The obvious move would be to wear classic skate shoes like Vans or even Converse. The skater boy aesthetic is what every guy in the early 2000s was trying to achieve because who didn’t love Avril Lavigne’s Sk8r Boy? You don’t have to be a skater or even like skating, you can just throw on this look as your chill wear on a day off at the park with your dogs.

Athletic Aesthetic

This is a really comfy aesthetic that is really attractive to guys. It’s super easy to do because you’ve probably got everything you need in your closet for this. You just need some athletic clothes and sweatpants. Top off the look with a beanie and either a varsity jacket or a bomber jacket. You can wear a branded crewneck like Champion or Nike. You could also go for a basic tee from Adidas and some grey sweatpants.  

Vibrant Aesthetic 

The “vibrant aesthetic” is really about using bright colors in your everyday clothing. If you want to be really brave, you could wear an entire outfit made of these bold colors. Many of the clothing brands are starting to release clothes that have the neon colors on them. If you don’t want to wear a full neon outfit, just grab some smaller pieces like a bright hat or shirt. You can also add colorful socks and belts to your vibrant look. The vibrant clothes are great fun to wear and can change up your style in an instant!


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