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Best Recruitment Software – 2022

Best HR software, pricing, ROI, pitfalls, uses, and more. So, the best recruitment and recruitment software is designed to streamline the recruitment process. On the last business day of December 2020, when the COVID19 vaccination schedule began, there were 6.6 million jobs in the United States. Hence, according to a CareerBuilder survey, 77% of millennial clients plan to increase recruiter usage over the next few years. As a result, staffing and recruiters have a lot to do! ‍

Our Criteria: How to Choose the Best Provider

We take our research seriously and want to provide our readers with the best recruitment software in a particular software category.

How to Choose a Vendor in the Buying Guide is shared below:


Before recommending, I would like to understand the vendor’s product.

This usually means offering demos from senior management (CEO, product manager, etc.).

User Feedback:

We will do our best to understand what you say when you experience this product. 

So, user input allows you to perform more thorough due diligence on your product, put new vendors on the radar, and generally ensure that you present the right product to your readers. 

Financial Indicators:

We are very financial geeks, so we use product retention, growth, profitability, and size to understand if a product is best-in-class.

Best for:

In some cases, the best solution is the cheapest, best tool for international companies or the best tool for startups. Therefore, I try to include different solutions so that readers can find the tool that best suits their needs.


Why We Love It:

CEIPAL ATS & CRM is a recruiter software with lots of integration and AI capabilities in addition to all the ATS and CRM features you expect.


So, CEIPAL ATS & CRM is a cost-effective personal ATS with customizable dashboards, AI features, and numerous integrations. So, CEIPAL has a credit system to manage your spending on classified ads. Recruiters receive a certain amount of credit on a set timeline. Once gone, you can’t spend any more until the end of the timeline. This saves the company a bit of extra cash, while recruiters aren’t just relying on advertising.


 A notable client using CEIPAL is the Agency and Quality Staffing of America.

CEIPALATS and CRM statistics

 Used by 120,000 recruiters worldwide

 Used by over 1,600 recruitment / dispatch companies

CEIPAL ATS and CRM Prices:

CEIPAL ATS & CRM starts at $ 120 per month for a team of recruiters of 5 or less. For a team of 50 people, it costs $ 1050 per month. A team of 100 people pays $ 1900 per month. Teams of over 150 people need to contact their sales representatives for pricing. Choose annual billing and save 5%.

Worth a visit:

CEIPAL is more than just an ATS company that employs staff. If you’re looking for an all-in-one HR software suite, there’s also an HCM called WorkForce.


Why We Love It:

Odro is the original video recruiting software product for dispatch companies. Their solutions are suitable for many other businesses, but they have extensive experience with recruiters.

Odoro Review

So, Odro can meet almost all video needs of dispatch companies and recruiters. This has been very helpful for recruiters who want to differentiate themselves with video content that they find more attractive than traditional recruiting activities. The platform consists of three main components. The first is called a capture and is aimed at video sales messages. The second is Producer, an easy-to-use video editing suite. Finally, there is a vision of live and asynchronous video interviews.

Odro customers

HR service providers don’t just use Odro. Your product is used to create, manage and share videos for Adecco, Advantage Group, CastUK, Barclay Meade, Robert Walters, Strive Sales, and Theo James. 

Odro Stats

Odro is used to increase engagement rates by up to 80%.

After switching from traditional to video, recruiters average a 43% increase in candidate responses. The average video job ad created with

Odro gets ten times more engagement than a regular job ad.

Odro pricing

This software is charged per user, but the price depends on the number of users and the contract period. Most companies register for 24 or 36 months but accept 12 months.

Ideal for

It is great for dispatched labourers and recruiters who want to have an edge and perform high volume recruiting. It is primarily based in the United Kingdom and Australia, the United States, Canada, Germany, Spain, and LATAM.


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