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Best Selling Work Boots For Men & Women

Good comfortable footwear is the main work tool for those who spend their working day on their feet.

The feeling of tiredness is less, it prevents diseases and problems in the feet and other joints and provides a well-being that is difficult to achieve with other types of footwear.

Work footwear usually has a very intensive use and we must pay close attention to it. From our experience, the main problems are due to plantar pain, caused by poor support or deformation caused by excessive hours of standing.

Tightness and swelling are two other very common factors that lead to problems. Joint pain at the foot, ankle, knee and hip levels are also very common.

All this means that, in the end, a high percentage of people have to use corrective insoles and in this case, a correct choice of footwear is even more important in order to find lasts with sufficient fit and great holding power for the foot.

Advantages provided by correct work footwear

The advantages are many, as long as we look for good products with lasts, designs and materials.

The well-being provided by correct footwear is the main benefit. The durability is much greater, and this is joined by less fatigue and more perspiration. All this results in superior comfort and a benefit to health.

The template: a fundamental part

It is the fundamental part of this type of footwear, along with the composition and shape of the sole.

The template must have a correct anatomy so that it collects the foot and provides a correct footprint. Many models incorporate a removable insole that allows it to be replaced with custom-made ones if necessary.

The materials it is made of are also very important. Latex is a very fluffy and durable material. Foams of different densities and EVA rubbers are also used, all lined with cowhide leather that confer greater durability and breathability. They can also be lined with pig skins, fabrics or towels.

Currently they are beginning to be lined with synthetic materials such as microfibers that, although not natural like leather, provide the same benefits. Even if you suffer from an allergy, they are more recommended than leather since microfibers do not undergo tanning processes and avoid these allergies.

Most common errors when buying footwear for work

There are many errors that occur when buying a specific shoe to work.


The first thing is the design itself. Subjection must prevail above all else. For this reason, we must choose the most laced models, which can be adapted to the width of the foot throughout the day. Laces and Velcro are the most demanded.

Within the designs, you have to be very careful about the internal finishes and try to eliminate designs with many seams or, even if they are few, that are poorly arranged.

Choice of size and width

The choice of size and width is essential to succeed with our purchase. We should never wear a small shoe or buy a narrow one, hoping then to adapt it with use.

It is best to use proven lasts and brands. From our experience, it is common to repeat the model for the certainty that they are the best ones that adapt to our feet.

Choice of materials

The materials from which the shoes are made influence a greater well-being. It is very important to pay attention to the internal linings in order to provide good breathability to the foot.

Do not alternate footwear

A very normal mistake is to wear the same shoe every day. We should rotate them more regularly, even changing shoes in the middle of the workday. With this we ventilate the shoe and our feet will rest more.

Extend shelf life

Another very common fact is that of extending the useful life of the shoe too much, continuing to use them when they are already deformed, which produces flawed footsteps that in the end only bring joint problems.

We must monitor the shoes regularly to detect problems in them. Floors should not be rushed too much because in the end they end up losing their cushioning power and are prone to greater slippage with the problems of falls and slips that may occur.

Work shoes with heels

There are jobs that need more elegant footwear, and the usual trend is to wear shoes with heels, either out of necessity, out of habit or that we like more.

We recommend that you do not abuse excessive heights and, if you have to use them, that the heels have enough bases to provide correct stability in the tread.

Likewise, the fact that the shoe has an internal rest sole provides greater well-being and comfort of the tread.

The fit is important, and for this reason we recommend shoes with a strap. The materials, as in all work boots, are essential to find the maximum degree of comfort due to their adaptation, breathability and durability.

Tips for choosing footwear according to your sector

Footwear for waiters

The hospitality industry is one of the hardest when it comes to working, due to the long hours on foot. For this, good footwear is necessary, which will be one of your most valued work tools.

It is essential to get quality footwear and alternate the use of them regularly. The fastening is paramount, laces and Velcro are the most recommended and demanded models. Moccasins, due to their poor support, are not the most recommended.

A clog offers greater breathability and that is the most advantageous factor when choosing them, but they are not highly recommended if you have to walk a lot.

The good breathability of the shoe will help a lot to mitigate the feeling of tiredness and overload in the feet. Good quality leather interior linings will help a lot.

The floors must be of great shock-absorbing power, flexible but light. The non-slip power is very important, which is why flats with drawings on the sole are good and that this does not wear out excessively because we lose comfort of the tread and the slip will be more pronounced. Leather soles are good for breathability but a lot of comfort is lost.

Inside, models with rest insoles are recommended, which in turn are removable for cleaning and replacement in case of a lot of wear. If we want to host custom-made ones, they will never be placed on top of the ones that the shoe already has, the old ones will be removed and we will place ours.


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