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Blinds Are the New Curtains – Know Why Window Blinds Are a Must-Have

Window treatments are very important not only for décor but also for functionality. When it comes to options for window dressings, you can choose from curtains, sheers, blinds, and more. There was a time when curtains were a common choice of window treatment in most homes, and blinds were used only in commercial places. However, there has been a significant transformation in people’s choices recently, and blinds have become the new curtains. There are several benefits of blinds that have instigated this changeover. Let’s look at the reasons why window blinds are a must-have. 

Highly Durable

One of the main reasons people choose blinds over curtains is their durability. We can see that the blinds can maintain their looks and functionality even after decades of usage. They easily resist staining and discolouration, thanks to their synthetic materials such as polymer-coated wood, aluminium, vinyl, and plastic in blinds. On the other hand, curtains need to be replaced at least once a year. 

Control Over Light & Heat

Blinds are highly effective in controlling the amount of heat and light entering your room. The slats can be adjusted as per your preferences so that you can just allow the right amount of light into your living space. If you want to block it completely, you can do that as well. So, whether you want a dim room, dark room or bright room, you can get it all with ease. Besides blocking light, blinds are also very effective at blocking harmful ultraviolet rays during harsh summer days. This also helps prevent fading of furniture and keeps the room cooler. 

Save Money in the Long Run

Though the initial cost of blinds may be a little more than that of curtains, the fact that it doesn’t need a replacement for several years down the line makes it cheaper in the long run. Once you have installed blinds, you can forget about any other related costs for 10-15 years. 

Simple and Quick to Install

A professional installer can put the brackets in the window frame, mount the blinds and connect the slat movement mechanism within 10-20 minutes. Most blind manufacturers offer free installation services when you buy blinds. 

Pair Blinds with Curtains

When you use window blinds, it’s not that you can’t use curtains. You can opt to pair up blinds with appropriate curtains or sheers. This hybrid combination will ensure more privacy and light control while significantly enhancing the interior decor.

Easy to Maintain 

The main benefit of the blinds is that they are easy to maintain. You need to clean the slats with a damp microfiber cloth to make the blinds look as good as new. If there is any tough stain, you can even use a mild liquid cleaner to remove the stains. 

Wide Range of Materials, Colours, Styles & Design

Blinds are available in several materials, colours, styles and designs when it comes to choosing a window treatment to suit your room décor. You can choose cordless blinds for the safety of pets & children, Roman blinds & mini blinds for windows with a beautiful outdoor view, and vertical blinds for ceiling to floor windows. 

To give a luxurious look, you can choose blinds wooden. You can choose aluminium, vinyl, bamboo, or plastic blinds to save more money. The choices you have are very extensive, and you can indeed find one to suit your taste and your room’s interior. You can even go for customized options depending on your specific needs. 

Enhanced Privacy Control

No other window treatment option can offer the privacy control provided by window blinds. It does not allow intruders to peek through windows because they can be fully closed. It is ideal for offices where it can help maintain privacy while allowing the required light to enter the space.

With these many reasons, there is no doubt that window blinds are the new curtains. Its advantages cannot be matched with any other window treatment and hence is the perfect choice for modern homes.

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