How to Gain Instagram Followers Without Hashtags?

Also, a web marketing and a social media tool analyzed more than 11 million Instagram accounts back in 2018 and found out that one-third of all the Instagram posts on the platform does not use any captions. This is because not every other user likes pilling on the hashtags. However, they are one of the most significant ways that people can build a following on the digital media platform.

Whether you believe it or not, there are still numerous ways to gain more and more followers on your Instagram profile without using any hashtags. Instagram has a billion active user ratio every month, making it difficult for your post to get notices even by using the hashtags. For instance, the hashtag “#ootd” has more than 289 million posts on Instagram at the moment. However, this number is still increasing every passing day.Therefore, the hashtag hubs with more than a million posts or pictures move instantly.a

and at the same time, there are more difficulties to getting t seen. On the other hand, if you choose to use a unique hashtag, you will have fewer posts to compete with, probably with less chance of being noticed and searched.So, if you are still completely relying on hashtags and also looking for more excellent ways to Boost Followers without using hashtags. In that case, this article will help you with some top ways to get Instagram followers absolutely without them. So, let’s have a look at them one by one.

Tag your location:

So, if you are also one of them who is more often out and about in these popular places, tagging your location can make your particular posts appear under the location tagged picture list.

Boost Followers It ensures that other users looking for the same place can also come across your post at some point and may also follow you.

However, you need to be careful though because it can also be dangerous to allow all the strangers on the internet to know where exactly you are at the moment.

Interact Boost Followers with other posts:

Commenting on other posts and interacting with other people is a sign to users that you are welcoming and open. Zimmerman says that “The gold is in the comment thread.” Whether you are initiating a small conversation or gifting compliments, you will surely get attention and will also gain a couple of followers through this process.

Post engaging & share-worthy stories:

If someone else posts something interesting and engaging on their stories, you may screenshot it and may share it on your own story.

No matter if it is a quote, a nice sunset, or some fresh new manicure – if you share stuff that other people are more fascinated by, the chances are that they will obviously want to share it too.

And it means that your account gets exposure to a completely different set of followers, allowing you to have Boost Followers and engagements at the same time.

Post more often:

According to one popular online visual marketing tool, Tailwind studied around 100,000 Instagram users in 2017 and found a pretty positive correlation between the account that posted more often and the number of followers and engagements they had at that time.

In fact, they also determined through one experiment that it might also be a good option to post on your profiles up to six times a week.

However, getting your posts and content to the explore page could be a little complicated, but you can still get your name out there by commenting on the popular posts that other people make.

This is because posts you see on the explore page usually get extremely high traction, so seeing your name there can potentially bring you a lot of new Boost Followers Moreover, it is always great to spread some love on other people’s posts too!






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