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Cad Customization Training

Cad customization training Connect Cad Connect we start from the notion that companies consist of people that. By virtue of their expertise and knowledge can help make the gears of the business to which they belong to function more or less.

The individual’s focus who is a part of this fragile system, is vital in its development and technical preparation. In a business that demands constant updates in all areas or disciplines. The difficulties are particularly relevant in the realm of software, where education. And understanding of the software utilized is essential for the implementation of increasingly complex and challenging projects.

Cad Connect, the only center in Italy that offers training in Bentley products. Is a firm believer in the development of resources that will increase the competitiveness of companies and more efficient.

The value of training is in the investment!

Training is vital and essential and essential, not just to perform your duties efficiently. And to inspire your employees to pursue the development of their professional and personal lives to gain more knowledge. And skills and without losing sight of the goals to be met. As with any incentive, a consistent learning process creates a feeling of satisfaction within employees. And boosts their determination, not just to increase their skills, but also to engage. And earn the trust the business has placed in him.

As the sole Italian official partner of Bentley Systems product training. Cad Connect develops training programs specifically designed to meet your personal. As well as business requirements.

Live training

In-person classes are offered in the majority of Bentley Systems software. Both individual and scheduled, and with the ability to issue certificates of participation. And keeping track of your training course in relation to the amount of hours you have earned. And the degree of specialization that you’ve earned.

In line in line with Bentley Institute teaching programs, our instructors. Highly qualified experts in the field, are able to provide customized teaching programs. That help you to advance your professional development. And keep you current with the marketplace, the other professionals in your field.

Remote training

Virtual learning flow is available to the software on different levels. Within the classroom online and at any time, in modules of various lengths and depth.

Furthermore to the many practical tools accessible. You can access an extensive library of tutorials and webinars that provide high-quality. And speedy delivery at a very affordable cost even when they’re not cost-free.

Software update: All commands are just a click away

Software updates are also the most frequently used field in which you recognize the necessity of swiftly adjusting to the latest version available on the market after some time of inactivity.

Finding a few new features or creating the latest software platform demands the expenditure of time, money and energy. Like all changes.

What are the expenses of the changes?

What are the cost of not making changes?

You cannot afford to not keep up with market trends!

Inquire about all the details on the updated forms for updated versions.

BIM-oriented training

We’re seeing a shift toward new BIM workflows that impact the entire spectrum of disciplines. It is time to get rid of the old CAD software and move to particular BIM software. The possibility of losing new jobs due to BIM requirements aren’t met in projects is very high, however, making the decision to invest in these new methods that don’t have a defined schema can be frightening.

Bentley software can be helpful unlike third-party software MicroStation and the other Bentley systems are built on a single platform that allows them to “speak the same language” (for instance, they offer native Revit and RealDWG RFA assistance) and eliminate, thereby obstacles to interoperability. This means that being able to learn the latest technologies is less difficult and the cost of moving data from one application to another is also cut down.

Built to work on its own or with other software that works with Bentley solutions it is possible to create BIM projects with little effort. Contact us for more information on the basic or more advanced customized course.

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