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Can American Obtain On Arrival Visa of Sri Lanka

The United States of America is one of several nations. Whose residents are eligible for a visa on arrival in Sri Lanka. As a US citizen, you have not require to apply for a visa for Sri Lanka from USA. Rather than that, you can obtain one upon arrival in Sri Lanka. However, to get the document apply for a Sri Lanka visa US citizen prior to travel. It is an electronic permission system very similar to the ESTA used in the United States. Passport holders from the United States of America are able to receive a visa on arrival in Sri Lanka. They should keep in mind, however, that this entrance certificate is only available at Colombo’s Bandaranaike International Airport.

Can Americans Travel To Sri Lanka:

Sri Lanka’s ETA permits US nationals to get a short-stay visa upon arrival. At the Sri Lanka port of entry. ETA holders submit their ETA and passport and get a 30-day visit visa for Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka’s electronic authorization system was implemented to expedite the Sri Lanka visa US citizen arrival process. Due to the fact that all necessary information and documentation are submitted in advance. ETAs can be rapidly awarded to holders of US passports at the airport. The online visa Sri Lanka US citizen application for Sri Lanka is simple and requires only. The completion of a few basic questions and payment of a charge through credit or debit card. American citizens are getting notify by email when their ETA is getting accept.

Can Us Citizens Travel to Sri Lanka By Applying ETA?

Submitting an application for a Sri Lanka visa US citizen is the initial step toward gaining entry to the country. The online ETA application form for an American passport just requires you to complete a few simple questions about your personal information (name, address, date of birth, etc.). Your passport information (number, expiration date, etc.), and your trip intentions. Additionally, there are certain concerns about health and security. Additionally, US citizens must pay a fee by credit or debit card to submit the application. 

When the application got to be finalizing. The approval for Sri Lanka ETA is emailed to the traveler. The majority of Sri Lanka ETA applications have to handle it within minutes; however, in rare instances, it may take longer (up to 48 hours.) To allow for additional processing time. It is advice to you that you apply at least two business days prior to departure. American ETA holders are award a short-stay guest visa upon arrival in Sri Lanka.

Online Visa Application for Sri Lanka (Electronic Travel Authorization – ETA):

Everyone (with the exception of nationals of countries that require an Embassy visa) can apply online for a Sri Lanka visa US citizen. This is a reference as an Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA), and it may obtain as follows:

  • From your home before you travel
  • You can apply for a Sri Lanka ETA directly through the Immigration Department’s official website (here).
  • Pay the cost and await the processing of the ETA. This procedure typically takes around an hour. You may pay the charge using just Visa, MasterCard, or American Express.
  • You will be notified via email of the conclusion of your application. Or you may check the progress on the official website using the confirmation number provided after submitting the application.
  • After arriving at Sri Lanka’s airport. There is an ETA issuing desk at the port of entry. This is not an advise since you will have to wait in line to finish the application and pay the price. If you get it in advance, you may simply present it to immigration agents upon entry.
  • Through one of Sri Lanka’s diplomatic missions: You may apply for a Sri Lanka visa US citizen through the Sri Lankan embassy or consulate in your country. The procedure for obtaining a Sri Lanka ETA from the embassy is identical to that for obtaining a standard embassy visa.


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