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Can I Get Extraction And Dentures On The Same Day?

Do you intend to have dentures and teeth extracted on the same day? Here are some tips for immediate dentures if this is the case. Making the best decision about your oral health will be easier with knowledge about same-day dentures!

You can maintain a beautiful smile with same-day dentures without any stress or anxiety. Nevertheless, immediate dentures and same-day extractions are not for everyone. Learn how to get the best denture results by understanding the process.

Teeth Extractions and Dentures in the Same Day

Immediate dentures are also known as same-day dentures. The extraction of a tooth can lead to an immediate partial or full denture procedure. It is essential that you never be without a vibrant smile as the primary purpose of this procedure.

Can this even be done? Yes, it can! Modern dentistry allows you to wear your dentures the same day you have your teeth extracted because immediate dentures are ready right away. What are they? They are simple. Before you have a tooth extracted, your dentist will measure your teeth and jaw. Dentists can prepare your immediate dentures based on the information collected before extraction. Once your teeth are extracted, your immediate dentures will be prepared.

What Are Immediate Dentures?

The same-day dentures (also known as immediate dentures) can be worn immediately after tooth extraction. The main idea behind this procedure is to help you talk and smile confidently as soon as you leave your dentist’s office. Say goodbye to long waiting periods while keeping your smile hidden!

You can also eat real food with immediate dentures. Your regular dentures can be prepared and implanted while you enjoy the freedom of choice you’ve always enjoyed. There’s no need to worry about missing your teeth for weeks or even months.

Immediate dentures are worth considering!

How Long Does It Take to Get Immediate Dentures?

Getting immediate dentures can take weeks or even a month or more. The process is complex. Your dentist has to assess your unique oral health and determine whether you’re the right candidate. So the best way to find out about the procedure’s duration is to consult with your preferred dentist.

The entire process of tooth extraction and immediate denture placement typically takes up to a month. As a result, your dentist will create your immediate dentures after consulting your unique oral condition. You may need some time to complete this process. Before developing your dentures, the dentist will measure your mouth and jaw. Based on the size and shape of your mouth and jaw, your dentist will create immediate dentures.

In any case, once you receive your dentures, you’ll be able to wear them right away if you’ve had your teeth extracted. No delays mean eating, laughing, and smiling will be enjoyable!

That said, do not have same-day dentures without consulting your dentist or oral surgeon.


Can I Get Extraction And Dentures On The Same Day?

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