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Carpets and rugs in Dubai 2022


 A carpet is a type of textile floor covering that has an upper layer of pile attached to a backing. Traditional bundles were made of wool, but synthetic fibers such as polypropylene, nylon, and polyester, which are less expensive than wool, have become popular since the twentieth century. The pile is usually made up of twisted tufts that have been heat-treated to keep their shape. The terms carpet and rug are frequently used interchangeably.


 rugs are typically smaller than a room and are not attached to the floor. Persian Carpet Nomadic tribes, village and urban workshops, and royal court manufactories all woven Persian carpets and Curtains in dubai of diverse varieties concurrently. As a result, they represent various concurrent lines of tradition and reflect Iran’s history and varied peoples.

 The carpets woven in Isfahan’s Safavid palace manufactories during the sixteenth century are known for their ornate colors and artistic design. They are now prized in museums and private collections worldwide. Their patterns and designs established an artistic heritage for palace manufacturer in the last royal dynasty.

 Fitted Carpet

 A fitted carpet, often known as a wall-to-wall Carpets in dubai, is designed to completely cover a floor. A power-stretcher is frequently used to install Carpet that is longer than 4 metres (tubed or tubeless). Originally, fitted carpets were woven to fit the proportions of the area they were covering. Around the time that stair carpets became popular, they were made in smaller strips and braided on the construction site by the carpet fitter.

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 fastened tacks pushed into the carpet around the perimeter and occasionally little rings in the Carpet.

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