Games to move

Children need to move. And gambling is a wonderful method to accomplish that! Indeed, when he plays, your child exercises many of his motor skills. Here are 4 games to get him moving. Also Read: X Words

1- Dumpling battle

To exercise his cardio and train him to throw.

Provide about twenty dumplings. These can be paper balls, cotton balls, or foam balls. The balls don’t have to be all the same kind.

Divide a space (e.g. living room, hallway, backyard) into two parts using a towel placed in the centre.

Each player takes 10 dumplings and stands on one side of the towel.

For 30 seconds, players throw their dumplings to the other side. They must also throw all the balls that arrive on their side as quickly as possible on the other side.

After 30 seconds, whoever has the fewest meatballs on their side wins.

2- Adventurer’s journey

To exercise arm strength, coordination and flexibility.

Create a course on the floor using chairs, tables and blankets.

At the end of the course, place an attractive object for your children, such as a toy, his cuddly toy or his favourite stuffed animal.

Invite your toddler to do the course by crawling on the ground to pick up the chosen object.

If you want, time your child and invite him to redo the course faster and faster.

3- The goalkeeper

To accustom him to throwing, catching and exercising his speed.

Give your child a pillow to use as a shield.

Throw foam balls, paper balls, sponges or stuffed animals towards him.

Ask your child to block each object with the cushion.

Then reverse the roles.

Variation: Replace the cushion with a large basket. Your child must then move to ensure that each thrown object falls into the basket.

4- The tightrope walker

To practice balance

Trace a path on the ground using a long rope or large yarn.

Place a few small toys (e.g. blocks, figurines, cars) in different places along the route.

Give your child a bag and ask him to walk on the rope by putting the different toys he meets on his way in his bag.

Children need to be active every day.

When he plays, your child learns a lot.

Games that get your child moving allow them to develop their motor skills.

Move at least 3 hours a day!

According to Canada’s Physical Activity Guidelines, children 1 to 4 years old should be active for at least 180 minutes a day. From age 3, these periods of physical activity should include at least 60 minutes of vigorous play (e.g. dancing, running, somersaulting, jumping).

Play Music

Go as a family in search of elements of nature that will allow you to play Music or create an imaginary musical instrument. For example, you can improvise a xylophone with pieces of wood or maracas with pebbles. It’s a great way to stimulate your child’s curiosity, imagination and creativity. (From 18 months)

Make nature-art

Why not create a work of art during an outing using elements of nature? Leaves, pebbles, branches, mosses, pine cones (pots) and bird feathers can become a sun, a cat or a mandala. This activity helps your toddler develop an emotional connection with nature, creativity, and imagination. Creating a collective work also develops the ability to share, collaborate and help each other. (from 2 years old)






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