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Chiromassage, discover the benefits of manual technique

Do you want to reduce muscle pain and improve your mobility? Chiromassage is the manual treatment that will help you recover your quality of life. At Picasso Medical Center we have the best professionals. Will you let us help you? What is chiromassage?
Chiromassage is develope , unlike other types of massage. That are carry out with instruments or devices. Thus, we say that chiromassage consists of the application. Of movements with the hands on the area of ​​the body, which are call pulsations.

This set of maneuvers or pulsations are base on kneading,

Rubbing and hitting the surface of the skin with the hands. These maneuvers are apply with a specific pressure, friction. Percussion or vibration to regulate pain and the feeling of tiredness. The maneuvers in chiromassage will be carry out. At the beginning, maneuvers will be carry out aimed at an extensive part. Later the massage will focus on localized areas.
At Picasso Medical Center we have the specialty of 마사지 to reduce muscle tension in various. Areas of the patient’s body. Our chiropractor is a specialist capable of making the most of this manual technique. To promote the good condition of the body.

Benefits of chiromassage

The application of chiromassage has many benefits. For the patient if it is carry out by professionals. Chiromassage has an immediate effect on the skin, the circulatory. System and the nervous system, which is why we recommend you consult with our expert doctors.

Reduces muscle ailments

Poor posture and stress cause muscle fibers to contract, causing contractures to form. Besides to improving the mobility and elasticity of the joints, chiromassage. Will help reduce these muscular ailments, relieving the patient’s pain.

Improves circulation

Chiromassage activates the lymphatic vessels and blood circulation thanks to the pressure. Exerted on the walls of the veins, causing them to empty. In this way, chiromassage favors the oxygen in the blood to be distribut. Meore over the damaged tissues.

Improves mood

Chiromassage provides a calming effect on the nervous system. As well as helping to relieve anxiety and reduce the patient’s stress symptoms. This manual therapy helps restore psychological balance.

Supports immune function

Besides to being a manual technique capable of removing dead cells from the outer layer of the skin. Offering a moisturizing effect, chiromassage helps the circulatory system to discard unnecessary substances.
As we mentioned in this article, prevention is crucial to shelve an ailment. Do you want to enjoy the benefits of chiromassage? Call us and make an appointment. At the Picasso Medical Center and we will apply the most appropriate therapy to your ailment.

Types of chiromassage

Chiropractors mobilize the soft tissue of patients. To decontract and relax a muscular area. Depending on the ailment or the aim of the massage. Certain maneuvers or pulsations will be carry out.

Relaxing massage

The relaxing massage is the most requested at Picasso Medical Center. This type of manual technique allows the patient. To get rid of stress and anxiety to regain their quality of life. With the relaxing massage. The mental and physical well-being of the patient is promot.

Toning massage

The toning massage is perfect for people who have a lot of physical activity or with chronic. muscle ailments. This manual technique is carry out at a faster pace and the execution is deeper. Which is why the sessions should not exceed 20 minutes. With the toning massage, muscle tension is reduce, restoring daily mobility.


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