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Did You Call for A Makeup Brush Guide? Here It Is        

You know how important makeup brushes are for makeup application if you do makeup. The art of makeup is entirely dependent upon the use of makeup brushes, anyone can buy and use makeup, but that won’t look as flawless as brush application.

The way makeup brushes take in a product and gently blend it with your skin is something that your fingers or other makeup application products can’t facilitate you with. Therefore, now you know why your makeup never looked like Beyonce; of course, if you didn’t use a makeup brush, how can you expect to look even slightly similar to her.

Although using makeup brushes requires great practice, once you get hold of it, things start getting better, and ultimately, your start looking like Beyonce. However, to get going with makeup brushes, you first need to familiarize yourself with all the different types of makeup brushes from different original and private label makeup brushes brands that are available in the market. 

Powder Brush:

The powder brush is the fluffiest and biggest brush in a makeup brush kit; it is good to use for applying loose powder all over the face. It offers a very smooth powder application that looks even all over your face. You can also use this brush for applying foundation on your skin; it perfectly blends the foundation on your skin in a very thin layer providing full coverage. It is also used for applying powder blushes on your cheeks and nose.

Contour Brush:

The contour brush is angular-shaped; its shape is made to help in defining different facial bones with makeup. It can easily use to define your cheekbones; also you can use it to define your jawline. Importantly can utilize it to define your collar bones. It will perfectly contour your face, unlike beauty blenders that make you look even more bizarre rather than defining the bones. You can also use it to contour your nose; the catch is to use a dark color foundation on the sides you want to conceal and light shade on the sides that you want to make prominent and leave the rest on this brush.

Fan Brush:

You might not know this brush by this name; most people call it a highlighter brush, although its original name is a fan brush. It is used specifically for applying a highlighter on cheeks and nose. Some people even apply a highlighter with this brush on their collar bones and upper lip line. It applies a highlighter on your skin with a very gentle touch and makes your highlighter look very popping. 

Eye Shadow Brushes:

If you apply your eyeshadow with fingers, then you need to unlearn that habit and start using eyeshadow brushes. There are a number of eyeshadow brushes that collectively will help you in applying eyeshadows like a pro. One is a simple eyeshadow brush; the other is an angled eyeshadow brush, then there is a crease eyeshadow brush.

These three brushes are used to blend in eyeshadows on your eyelids and create the most beauteous eye makeup looks. In general, these three brushes can be used interchangeably to blend and smooth eyeshadows on your lids. You may start off using of course a regular brush just as you would use in applying foundation onto your face. The end result should look exactly like the illustration above; i mean it looks nothing as if an eyeshadow was even applied at all! So treat this tutorial very seriously when watching how easy is to apply eye shadows with brushes!


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