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5 Big Differences Between American Toilets and European Toilets

Are you wondering the difference between American Toilets and European toilets? Then we are here to solve your problem by giving all the differences between these two toilets. If you are traveling from America to Europe then you will be surprised by seeing the different toilet systems. That’s why there are some major differences between American Toilets and European Toilets. So, to get all the information read this article till the end.

Most American toilets are recognizable and not all the areas of Europe feature the same standard design toilets. In European cities, public toilets are similar to the American design like a toilets seat, flushing mechanism, and the method of cleaning either by the septic safe toilet paper or the bidet. However, Europen toilets are different from the Americans in ways of sizes, built-in amenities, and flush performance. So, in this article, we help you to understand the differences between American and European toilets and what is the best flushing toilet on the market.

American Toilets and European Toilets

There are some lists of the differences between American and European toilets and some information about what is the best flushing toilet on the market:-

1.   Flushing and Water Usage

American toilet only has a single handle for flushing and it works fine. Whereas, Europe has a dual flushing system. It has a few variations on flushing that can pique your interest. In early European bathrooms, there is a pull chain that mounted the actual toilet that was required to pull. Now, the newer feature toilet is dual-flush. There are two different handles that offer the water pressure depending on the waste and it helps to conserve water.

2.   Post-Use Sanitation

In American toilets, the stalls feature mounted toilets paper dispensers for occupants to clean when they finished. Whereas in European septic safe toilet paper is an option for sanitation but most occupants use the bidets feature to clean themselves. The Bidets feature is a mounted spout that sprays water when the occupant is able to press the button. This will cut down the paper usage but Americans may not be aware of this quite. European flushing style toilets like they empty the toilets tank and gain speed as pours downsides of the bowl as they give strong water to flush away all the wastes.

3.   Toilet Type

Americans have the standard toilets bowl and urinal in the restrooms, whereas Europeans have few varying options. In southern and eastern Europe you may find Squat toilets and are essentially a hole in the floor. So, the rest of Europe features toilets that are similar to those found in America. As for the urinals, Americans’ bathrooms rows of urinals divided by privacy partitions. But in the European bathroom, they don’t have individual urinals. When the water is saved in one drain may be uncomfortable for tourists.

4.   Cost of Using Public Toilets

In America, the public restroom is not required to pay for use but the “Customer only” rule applies there. Whereas in Europe, some public restrooms are required to pay the fee and the fee is basically 1.5 Euros to gain access and these are more sanitary.

5.   Privacy and Partitions

When all the toilets around the globe are private, there are noticeable differences between American and European toilets. The American partitions offer a good deal of privacy but it exposes the feet and top and combined with a sightline between the door and frame can make occupants uncomfortable. They provide the space that comes with reservations. It makes the use of points partitions style which visible the foot and top gaps between doors and frames of the stall. The European toilets offer exceptional privacy because of the thin partitions and an enclosed stall.

6.   Siphonic versus Washdown Flush system

The American toilets use the siphonic flushing system and European toilets use the washdown flushing system. In the American toilets, there is a long and narrow reverse S and P trap with two ends. The first one is connected with the toilets bowl and the other is connected to the drain pipe. The technical design is created a siphoning action. In the end, you hear a gurgling sound that signals the bowl is filling with water for the next flush.

In European toilets, the washdown flushing system uses the weight and gravitational force of the water to flush. The wide pipeline techniques make sure the washdown toilets are relatively no-clog toilets.

Winding Up!

In the above-mentioned article, we discuss 5 Big Differences Between American Toilets and European Toilets. We hope that all the mentioned points will be helpful for you to understand that European toilets are more different from American toilets. There also another thing that you should keep in mind while remodeling your toilet. There is always water and moisture in the toilet so there are very strong chances of mold and this can damage the whole look of your toilet. So, always call Mold Inspection in North York on time before making any changes. If you want to know more or have any issues then check out our other posts also. air


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