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7 Dog Walker Promotion Ideas- Get Clients in a Snap

In the midst of a growing industry, there is only one downside: figuring out how to stand out.

What can you do to make sure that clients prefer you to another dog walker? Marketing yourself is essential. Your dog walking business must be advertised and you must get out there to attract clients.

You can start advertising your dog walking services with these ideas.

1. Develop a Website and Logo for Your Dog Walking Business.

You can establish trust in your dog walking services and your professionalism by having a business website. Nowadays, website builders like Wix, Weebly, and Squarespace make it easy to build a website. Include the following:

  • The services you offer for dog walking
  • Your neighborhood and zip code where you walk your dog
  • Information about pricing
  • Your “About” page should describe any dog walking certifications or licenses that you have, including your dog walking experience
  • Some of the feedback we’ve received from happy clients
  • Information on how to contact us

2. Ensure your Business is Listed on Yelp and Google.

Google and Yelp are often used to locate reputable dog walkers in your area, so make sure you can be contacted. Make sure your profile is complete. Update it frequently with photos and information about your service. Then, thank your delighted clients by asking them for a review.

3. Become a Part of Local Facebook Groups.

Many locals join Facebook groups in order to get advice from other members of their communities. Find out whether your town offers groups for new pet owners, owners of rescue dogs or owners of pets of a specific breed.

Be helpful and join us. Become an expert in the group by sharing your knowledge as a dog walker. Be careful not to overpromote yourself, or you may offend people.

4. Attend Dog Meetups Groups.

Those who seek community on Facebook prefer IRL interactions, whereas others turn to Facebook for that purpose. Meeting potential clients is as simple as joining local meetup groups for dog owners.

If you volunteer at a pet shelter or rescue organization, you can also meet new dog owners.

5. Join Social Media.

Social media is always a hit when it comes to dog content. Make the most of that and share pictures of clients’ dogs, or post videos of yourself playing fetch or walking them. Ask your clients for photo releases beforehand.

Let us know something about you, too. Let your audience get to know you if you’re in the dog walking business!

6. Invest in Advertising.

The dog walker ad in your local paper can be very effective if your budget allows for it. Nextdoor also offers business listings that can be sponsored for increased visibility in the neighborhood app.

Using the Google and social media platforms, you can buy online advertising. Advertise only to people who live in specific areas with these ads, and you will be able to narrow your target market to people who are interested in your product.

7. Create Business cards and Flyers.

If the business is willing to accept them, you can post dog flyers and business cards on the bulletin board. Consult, churches, local coffee shops, libraries, and grocery stores or delis. You should ask any of your long-term clients working in an office whether you can hang your flyer in their breakrooms.





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