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Fashion, textile and accessories design

Fashion is one of the cultural and identity expressions of peoples through clothing and its accessories and adornments, creative and dynamic manifestations that are nourish by the times, ways of life and social values, and if these are the fuel, the engine is the imagination, style and projection of the designer.

Fashion Design is base on other trades such as cutting, clothing and tailoring, without them it would not exist, and is complete with Textile Design.

Textile Design is the discipline responsible for the creation of specific fabrics,

 Fibers, threads and fabrics for each functionality, they can be of a technical nature (for mountains, the health sector, etc.) or for 레플리카 사이트, hand in hand with fashion design, and decoration. Within textile design there are other important twinnings, such as those with graphic design, illustration, painting, serigraphy, photography, etc; As far as making prints is concerned, considering the fabrics and looms a blank canvas.

Fashion is the most immediate form of expression of people.  The outfit is subject to admiration, prejudice, class, tribe, impression, ideology, ritual, adoration, to infinity of messages and emotion. We can see it sewn into our day through day in a T-shirt, a print, a wedding dress, a funeral dress, a work uniform or our underwear.

The Evolution Forum of Burgos has collected editions of the Costilla León Fashion Catwalk,

 organized by the Junta de Castillo to promote the regional fashion sector. In this unique event parades are collect for the exhibition of the proposals of the companies and designers of the sector in the region, open to the media and the general public. But it also opens its space to new and young designers with a design and entrepreneurship contest.

One of the most prominent in our city is Amaya Arzuaga, but there are other stars that are beginning to shine, such as the designer from Burgos, Natalia Martinez (in the image), who  won the Award for Best New Designer in Castile y León. The Tarsus Children’s Fashion clothes have also  nourished our streets, as well as other more modest  and self-made ones such as Azul Izal or Bonobo Chimp. We can also find  underground and urban brands such as Refine sportswear, Eme-double’s “Slow-fashion” garments and accessories. 

Interesting historical facts:

To understand Fashion, there is nothing better than looking back to learn about its history, since the first garments were create approximately 500,000 years ago. Although the first fashion magazine was not publish until 1586, in Germany, we have an extensive record of its adventures, so we are going to break down some of its ins and outs to browse:

Why is the position of the buttons different on men’s and women’s shirts?

It dates back 300 years, and it is said that rich women resort to the service to dress, and that to facilitate the maids this task, the garments had buttons on the left side; As for the men, they used to carry the sword on the right side and that is why the shirts and coats had buttons on that same side, so that they used the left hand to unbutton them and thus free the other hand.

The tiny pocket of the jeans

  First, the word ‘jeans’ comes from the cotton pants worn by the ‘genes’ , the local term for Genoese seafarers. That said the blissful and mysterious tiny and weird pocket… Many of us use them to store coins or tickets but they were originally create to store the pocket watch.

Origin of the cross body bag:

Bless moment for comfort was the appearance of bags with adjustable handles that hang from the shoulder and can also be carry cross body. Well, its origin stems from sheer necessity during the years of World War II. At that time, with men at the forefront, women took on multiple tasks without taking into account gender roles, this, together with the lack of vehicles, encouraged the use of bicycles and here is how a easy bag to carry during these journeys. To this day it is still one of the most functional.

High-heeled shoes: Speaking of changes in gender roles

They are one of the favorite accessories of many women but in reality it was men who popularized them, you just have to read the chronicles of the time of Louis XIV, the Sun King, and observe the numerous paintings of members of the aristocracy and their shoes, many exceeding 10 cm in height.


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