Flooring Trends to Watch Out For

It’s no secret that your flooring can make or break any interior design and space. On one hand, while you interact visually with the décor elements, your first physical interaction with a space is through the flooring. 

Since your floors acquire the largest real estate space, it has a great impact on the surrounding aesthetics and decor. That’s not all, floors have a significant impact on the cost of your property, how you feel around the space, and also the budget of your project. 

Flooring trends change over the years as you acquire new tastes. Just like in 2021, trends ranged from floors that evoked calmness, warmth, and earthiness, the trends in 2022 are also brimming with exciting new palettes and themes. 

Our design specialists have put together some of the best flooring Calgary trends to look out for in the coming year. 

Smoky Woody Floors

Almost all wood floors undergo the process known as smoking where the wood reacts with ammonia and gets new colour and finish, without having to undergo any kind of staining process. This process of smoking gives the wood a uniquely dramatic look that’s cozy and warm at the same time. More and more Calgary homeowners are asking for visually appealing smoke-fumed colours like nutty browns, grey, and dusty reds. They not just make your floors look rustic and edgy by bringing out their natural grain, but also give your space a cabin-like aura.

Bleached wood floors

As popular as the rich smoky-hued floors are, the light-coloured woods with a beach-like whitewashed finish are creeping back onto the charts. We are talking about floors that have undergone a sanding or bleaching process that’s done to remove the wood’s colour or the artificial stain covering the wood. And the result is a stunning ash white look with the wood’s natural grain still visible. This style includes shades such as bone white, ash white, pale white walnut and the likes. These lighter floors are a great way to transform your space into something more relaxed, bright, and open. Think something like a seaside holiday home right here in Calgary! What’s more, bleached wood floors also make your darker pieces of furniture stand out in beautiful contrast. 

Reclaimed Wood Floors

Sustainability was the buzzword in 2021 and it remains paramount in 2022 also. And what spells ecological sustainability than reclaimed wood floors. Wood that was previously used in other projects (maybe hundreds of years ago) and is now being re-used is reclaimed wood. More property owners are demanding reclaimed wood flooring in Calgary as an alternative to newly harvested wood. While some love this as a romantic idea that makes them feel a part of history, others just want to go green. This wood adds a lot of character and intrigue to your space and becomes the talking point. It has a ‘revived’ nature and gives your place a warm and authentic aura. One of the best types of reclaimed woods to look out for is oak. It is durable, heavy, and has a wonderful coarse texture. Another great option is maple. It is loved for its muted yet elegant grainy hue. Other durable and easier to work with reclaimed wood options include Cedar, Chestnut, Mahogany, and Douglas Fir. 

Bold-Patterned Tiles

Our design experts love this one! Be it their patterns, colour, or design- all are getting bolder and sweeping the flooring trends for 2022. Imagine an entire floor in traditional style and shape that suddenly runs into a bright and unexpected pop of colour. Colours that contrast well include red & white, black & gold, and teal & grey. Or, you can opt for intersecting abstract patterns of tiles juxtaposed together. Another pattern that will hit it big in 2022 is over-the-top yet sophisticated zig-zag tile patterns done in contrasting metallic accents. A bold trend that has made a comeback is vintage white and black. Though not just any white and black. We are talking about more graphic patterns. Think smaller tiles with bolder graphics over them. 

To conclude, the trends of flooring in Calgary for the coming new year are unique and unmistakably distinct. Homeowners are looking for signature accents that will make their property stand out. If you need more inspiration or flooring solutions, we invite you into our store to meet our design specialists. Known as the best flooring store in Calgary, we have been transforming properties for more than a decade. Call us at (403) 984-4100 or email at [email protected] to make an appointment.






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