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Growing Online Shopping Trends That Customers Should Know

The eCommerce industry is on a rapid surge. Especially, after the arrival of an unexpected pandemic.

More than 73% of customers prefer to buy things from the best UAE shopping platforms with the comfort of home. Slowly and gradually, the number is rising due to increasing inclination towards technology & trends.

Every year, the online retail industry witnesses several high-tech trends and adopt ways to offer unparalleled user experience. Similarly, customers should also be aware of increasing technology trends in the online shopping world.

It is imperative for customers to select the best online shopping site in UAE based on the latest tech virtues.

Thus, to help you with the same, we bring forth here the growing digital shopping trends that you should watch in 2022.

All the trends, we will showcase here help customers to find the best online shopping in UAE platform to buy high-quality things at the best price.

1. Personalized Notification

More and more, eCommerce platforms are integrating the virtues of Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning technologies.

They do it so to become aware of particular customers’ interests, product preferences, buying patterns, mode of payment, and more. Ultimately, it helps the enterprises to filter out the target customers and offer a personalized shopping experience.

But not many of the customers like you are aware of this new-age marketing strategy. In case, you receive personalized notification regarding previously bought or researched products and find a discounted offer. Then, it is clearly evident that you came across a profitable online shopping site.

As already said, an eCommerce platform adopting this new technical virtue always comes superior in the eyes of customers. So, you can very well find the best platform to shop at a discount price with ease.

2. AI Chatbot Feature

The next best thing you might come across is a Chatbot on an eCommerce platform. It is one of the technically-driven features adopted by several platforms to provide end-to-end customer service.

AI-powered Chatbot helps customers to meet several queries in real-time and make the best product buying decision ahead. It further helps you clear several doubts related to product return, offers, deals, and more.

In short, you can expect all the assistance from an eCommerce platform without finding the need to call a customer care agent. Also, make sure that the website offers a fast response with an automated generated queries chatbot system for you.

3. Single-Buying Experience

There are times when you shop from an online brand just for a single time and might forget about that. Even after that, you find several notifications based on your previous searched pattern or purchase, then clearly it is a feature-rich platform.

A genuine online retail site is all about customer retention and meeting varied requirements. Such platforms offer related notifications, newsletters, and periodic offers to generate the interest of customers.

In case, you receive all such things from the one-time shopped platform, then you can return to shop more. 

4. Mobile-Friendly Shopping

Shopping on a smartphone while accessing an online retail website is surely an upward trend. It provides the convenience of buying stuff while on the go and with an optimum level of comfort.

So, as customers, you will get to know about the credibility of an eCommerce platform based on its response, speed, graphics, screen-size adjustments, and more. It helps to better search for relevant products, add to cart, and make swift payment online.

Also, the mobile-friendly shopping trend will see tremendous growth at the end of 2022. And, allows a majority of customers to be a part of it.

5. Optimum Payment Security

Online payment is the most crucial aspect of an online shopping platform. At this juncture, you may find several platforms offering multiple payment getaways and options to pay for the products.

But the reliability goes towards a site that offers a multi-factor authentication feature. It basically allows shoppers to receive a one-time password on their device or by email to make the final part of the payment. This particular feature an upscale level of security and reliability to an optimum extent.

6. Voice Search Functionality

Another rising eCommerce trend to witness in UAE is the voice-based search pattern. It is an exciting yet convenient feature for customers to search for relevant products using a voice command.

Websites endowed with voice search functionality tend to offer 30% more customer satisfaction levels. Even, it is predicted that 40% of the browsing sessions on eCommerce platforms will see a substantial increase at the end of 2022.

So, if you have come across such a feature, then surely you are at the right and technically enabled platform.

7. Social Media Sales Channels

If you have come across a socially connected sales channel of an eCommerce platform, then also, you have dropped at the right place.

Several mediums like Facebook and Instagram have evolved as more than social platforms. But rather a connected eCommerce marketplace for customers redirecting to an eCommerce store.

You might come across something like that and feel free to buy products of particular choices.


Online shopping in UAE is one boom these days due to major surges and disruptions in technology. Also, with the increasing range of smartphones across a wide spectrum of customers. Thus, choose to shop at a platform that offers a pioneer user experience, speed, and responsive behavior. All this can be experienced by coming across a platform that follows the latest tech trends.





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