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Homeopathic Strophanthus

Strophanthus is a common plant found in Asia and Tropical Africa. The natives of Africa use it as arrow-poison, but Dr. Fraser experimented with it on animals. Gisevius and Piedvache proved its efficacy as a tincture, increasing the dosage to 80 drops over five days. Eventually, they marked Strop. A tincture and Strop. B & C tinctures, respectively.

Strophanthus Hispidus is a muscle poison. The action of this remedy is to increase the contractile power of the striped muscles of the heart. It increases systole and decreases rapidity. It is used to tone the heart and remove dropsical accumulations. Strophanthus does not affect the vasomotor system, making it safer for the elderly and children. It is also used in cases of severe prostration due to hemorrhage.

Strophanthus Hispidus is a potent muscle poison. It increases the systole and slows the heartbeat. Its action is slower than Strophanthus Hispidus, which makes it safer for the elderly. Strophanthus has been used to treat heart disease, high blood pressure, and muscular weakness. It has not been studied thoroughly, but has been reported to help treat these conditions. Must Visit homeopathic strophanthus

Strophanthus is also a very good choice for treating muscle pain. It acts on the cardiac muscle to increase systole and diminishes the rapidity of the heartbeat. It also has no cumulative action. Strophanthus is a safe option for those suffering from a cardiovascular disease. It has a variety of uses, including helping with valvular lesions in the heart and a weak heart.

Strophanthus is used in the treatment of heart problems and has historically been used as an arrow poison in Africa. People have taken strophanthus for many years to help them manage diabetes, high blood pressure, and heart conditions. While there is no scientific evidence for this medicine to cure these conditions, it is an excellent choice for many patients. This herb is widely available in most health food stores. Its anti-inflammatory properties mean that it will not interfere with blood glucose levels.

Strophanthus has an anti-inflammatory effect on the heart. Its action is similar to that of Digit, which acts on the vaso-motors, whereas Strophanthus is a muscle poison. It may also have a beneficial effect on the heart, including the valvular region. It is used in severe prostration caused by hemorrhage. The medicine is very safe for older people and does not affect the heart.

Strophanthus is a muscle poison, which means it improves the contraction of all striped muscles. Its actions are similar to those of Digit. It is much safer to use than Digit, which has a cumulative effect and can lead to side effects. Strophanthus has also been used to treat pneumonia, valvular lesions in the heart, and severe prostration due to hemorrhage.


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