Boxing Gloves

How are Boxing Gloves Manufactured?

Gloves are the main piece for every boxing gear, and as they should be, the gloves provide the major chunk of protection required to partake in combat sports. Boxing Gloves are crucial for your hands’ protection while you toss power punches.

Therefore gloves’ manufacturing process is extensive, ensuring that even the significantly smaller details are exact; offering you boxing equipment that ensures your general safety and reassures your mind.

Infinitude Fight has assembled an insider’s guide for you to make the manufacturing process of the boxing gloves clear and available to you.

Boxing Gloves

At the point when we talk about the breakdown of the manufacturing process of gloves, this is a process that isn’t examined or discussed frequently. Various makers produce these tools in their own unique and specific ways in contrast to the others, which is the reason most brands have procured their one of a kind shape and signature built style.

We have considered different strategies with which different brands produce their gloves and have assembled a fast breakdown for you to make basics of the production process easier to understand.

This guide will prove to be useful for you when you choose to buy boxing gloves the next time, so sit back, relax and read on!


Boxing Equipment

The production cycle for each boxing-related item is unique; be that as it may, none are broader than the boxing gloves USA. The development of the gloves goes through different and a few independent steps, let’s investigate them individually:

Marking and Cutting Process of Boxing Gloves

The manufacturing starts by cutting out the external materials for the gloves. The materials utilized for making boxing gloves in the USA are often indicators of their general quality.

The gloves are generally cut from the thin genuine leather at our shop; in any case, a few brands likewise utilize synthetic leather. Be advised that synthetic leather isn’t strong or durable when contrasted with real leather.

Why is synthetic leather used? – Simply to reduce expenses! The synthetic leather or artificial leather variations can go in quality from second rate quality vinyl to certain sorts that are practically indistinguishable from genuine leather. The variations produced using 100 percent genuine leather are staggeringly strong and are of higher quality.


Mostly the thumb part is cut from a similar piece of leather, however now and then it is cut as separate pieces, and afterwards it is sewed with the other pieces. This is for the most part due to the type of padding being utilized and the glove’s build.

The other pieces of boxing gloves, for example, the Velcro cuff and different pieces, are likewise assembled in this stage; notwithstanding, they are kept separate from the body of the gloves, for the time being, for now at least.

Printing and Design

After the cutting process, the printing and designing process begins. This is the place where the graphics or some other designs, slogans, logos, etc. are imprinted onto the gloves. Most of the printing is done at this stage as it is pivotal to finish the majority of the imprinting in this stage; while the leather parts are still flat.

Assuming the printing is done after the gloves are assembled, it will get very difficult to accomplish the ideal outcomes, and furthermore, an assembled glove has a restricted printable region.


In the wake of printing and design comes the sewing phase of the manufacturing process. Sewing now will give the glove a shape before the padding is filled into it.

The base of the gloves is sewed back to front, meaning the glove is inverted; thusly, the majority of the lines and creases are on the internal side.

These steps likewise include placement, securing, and sewing up grip bars and breathable meshes onto the gloves.


The layered padding is then embedded in the sections of the variations which were sewed before, ordinarily along the inward lining of the gloves. This step is the place where the gloves begin to take shape and take up their unique/signature look.

The sleeve part with its inner lining is stitched together and afterwards joined and sewed thereafter on the lower part of the gloves.


For the lace-up type, a template layout is laid over the opening of the palm, and lace holes/openings are punched into the gloves. Then again, for the Velcro-style, a Velcro strap will be sewed onto its place. Regularly the two sides of the Velcro are already assembled.

Finally, a thin segment of leather is drawn together on the edges of the palm and sleeve regions and afterwards sewed into spot to finish the glove.

Buy Boxing Gloves

Whenever you are in the market to buy boxing gloves, if it’s not too much trouble, focus on your gloves’ make as a ton of difficult hard work is placed into them to make these variations an ideal device for yourself as well as your particular needs.

Gloves are carefully designed and manufactured to offer you comfort and features that are explicit to the particular combat sports, so it is prompted that you buy sport-explicit gear. All-rounder gloves take care of business to a degree, yet nothing beats the genius of an explicitly designed and sports specific pair of gloves.

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As we talked about toward the beginning of this article that most brands have their unique production cycles, which could shift marginally from one another. Nonetheless, the article above was introduced to provide you with an all-encompassing idea of the manufacturing of boxing gloves.

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