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How Long Does Ozone Therapy Last?

Ozone therapy is becoming a popular treatment for chronic illness. It’s still going through research, and we are finding more about utilizing nature’s power to increase healing capabilities. Read along to see how long therapy lasts. But before that, let’s discuss what this treatment is.

What is therapy?

Ozone therapy is a medical treatment that introduces ozone to the body. Ozone gas is one form of oxygen and comprises three oxygen atoms. We probably already know that ozone is responsible for protecting the earth from the sun’s ultraviolet radiation. But inhaling ozone gas is harmful to human health as it can lead to throat and lung irritation and worsen asthma symptoms.

But according to research, ozone can have healing effects in the medical field. We have found that therapy can have the following uses:

  • disinfecting wounds
  • treating viral diseases, like SARS and HIV
  • treating arthritis and heart disease
  • activating your immune system
  • treating cancer and macular degeneration

Researchers are still exploring all the possibilities and concerns related to therapy and its therapeutic capabilities.

How long ozone therapy lasts

Ozone therapy usually follows a course of 6-10 treatments. But it usually varies for each individual and their unique needs. In most cases, improvement in patients’ condition becomes noticeable within the first 3-4 treatments.

How long ozone stays in your body

When ozone enters your body, it only lasts for around 10 minutes. While in your system, it promotes glutathione production while coming in contact with proteins in your blood.

Does therapy really work?

Ozone therapy is known to treat more than a hundred diseases. It can treat infections, wounds, and several diseases, and its effectiveness is well-documented. Some research finds that therapy helps fight diseases like cancer by tempering your immune response and reversing oxygen deficiency in your body. Since the FDA hasn’t authorized the treatment yet, researchers need to run more trials before finding out the actual effects of therapy on human health.

Benefits of ozone therapy

Here are some of the possible benefits of therapy:

  • Boost immune system to better cope with inflammation
  • Antibacterial, antiviral, antifungal, and infection control abilities
  • Reverse brain damage tissue after a stroke
  • Lower repeated heart attack risks
  • Manage and treat musculoskeletal disorders
  • Its detoxing feature helps improve overall metabolism and health
  • Effective in treating ulcerous wounds
  • Beneficial for lower back pain due to its anti-inflammatory properties

Is ozone therapy safe?

Some research shows that therapy is beneficial for several health conditions and is generally considered safe and consistent. But some suggest that there’s not enough evidence and more research needs to be conducted regarding its true safety or effectiveness.


Ozone is a form of oxygen with promising antibacterial, antiviral, and antifungal properties. It can treat many different bacteria, fungi, and viruses while treating other conditions, like ulcerous wounds, lower back pain, and inflammation. So, if you’re looking for ozone therapy in Houston, TX, look no further than Hermann Park Smiles. We use ozone in different forms for various applications, including ozonated water, oils, and ozone gas. Contact us to learn more about this treatment.

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