White Noise Machine

How to Choose a White Noise Machine for Babies?

It’s been said in the past that white noise has become a popular choice. And people are eager to know more about it. What is the best way to pick the right white noise device that is the best for your needs? The best part is that picking the best portable sound machine for a baby for you isn’t necessarily difficult. There are a few aspects to think about when searching for the perfect sound. That will bring you to the hay sooner than you start counting sheep.

What Is White Noise?

Simply put, to describe the issue simply, “color” in an audio signal can be described by its hue. What is the “color” of noise is the volume and frequency that its sound is released.  The standard sound of shuffling (“shhh”). As well as the sound of the fan or static crackling sound of the television. These are only a few of many examples of white noise you hear every day.

“White noise” can be described as a generic phrase that describes the calming sound that our products create. Actually, we use the term “white noise” because that’s the most frequently used word. That our customers utilize. But the sounds our Dohm products create are actually pink noise. In this post, we’ll use”white noise.  For more details about the distinction between pink noise, white noise, or brown, check out this blog article.

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What to Look For

What are the elements you should be looking for when selecting the appropriate white noise? Here are some important factors to keep in mind regardless of the source of this white noise.


Stop spinning around and throwing around the room in the hotel. Keeping an unwinding baby on an extended trip using a portable sound maker with white. If you’re looking for a method to unwind with tranquil music on the road. Make sure that the device you choose to make use of has rechargeable batteries or USB rechargeable. Like our best-selling and famous Hushh and Rohm.

Volume Control

 It is also important to make sure that the sound system. Do not get too loud because it could cause harm to your (or kids’) ears. For instance, Dohm products can be between 50-70 decibels. This lets you block out many of the soft, yet disturbing sounds that disturb our sleep. They also block out some more raunchy and irritating tones. 


There are many people who enjoy different types, volumes, and tones of noise. Natural are two of our most requested models. Dohm Classic along with the Dohm Natural permits. You have to change the collar to get the perfect tone for your needs. The Dohm Natural and our Multi-Sound machines. Come with a variety of recorded sounds that create the perfect soundscape to sleep in.

Clean Loop

If you are looking at recordings of white sound from the electronic medium. You must make sure that the record of the white noise is without any issues. You should ensure that you’re in a position of determining the moment when the recording ceases before it begins again. The interruption in sound can disrupt your ZZZs which could defeat the aim. Sound machines provide the sound of one loop. This means you don’t need to be concerned about irritating loops.

Sleep Timer

Should you wish to schedule your sound system to be turned off when a certain timer runs out. You need to pick a model with the option the possibility of an alarm. Most of our models come with sleep timers built into the device.






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