How to Choose the Right Pool Builder

How to Choose the Right Pool Builder

Are you planning to have a swimming pool in your backyard? Congratulations! You have decided to invest in the swimming pool that you always wanted. You are on your way to enjoy and relax in the summer months. But before you proceed with your dream project, you have to select a pool builder to design and build the pool for you. Choosing the right pool installation is crucial. That’s why we have listed down some tips to help make the process easier for you. 

Thing You Need to Look For in a Pool Builder

Choosing a pool builder can be challenging. It would be best if you make an informed decision about it. After all, it’s about your dream project that’s about to turn into reality finally. The wrong decision can cost you years down the line. Here are five tips that’ll help you find the best builder near you for your custom pool.

1. Verify credentials

Check their credentials to head start your hunt for the best pool builders. Ask for the company’s name, phone number, physical address, and the number of the sales representative. Learn about their years of experience and the number of pools they have installed. Also, verify the certification and licensing of everyone involved in the project. If possible, try to meet them and tour their work if available.

2. Learn about their previous customers’ experience

Learning about customer satisfaction is a great way to learn about the company’s work ethics and results. Look up online and find out what people think about the particular pool builder. Feel free to ask questions, including when the customer did business with the company and what services they acquired. Also, ask them whether the team was professional and friendly while working. You can also ask about the timeline of work and payment information. While every business will eventually get a negative review, please pay attention to how they handle such complaints. That’ll likely tell more about their professionalism.

3. Check affiliations

Trade associations generally provide lists of members who follow a code of business ethics and enhance professional development. Check whether your contractor is affiliated with such associations.

4. Trust your intuition

You probably have heard, “the first impression is the last one.” There’s some truth in that phrase. First impressions are essential. But yes, they can be wrong. You need to trust your intuitions and not jump into the contract by only seeing their position points. The best way is to visit the contractor on-site and observe how they conduct daily business. While asking questions and observing their work, watch out for red flags, like an unrealistically low estimate, requiring payment in cash, no official place of business, or lack of professionalism. Also, look out for high-pressure sales tactics, bullying, and scare tactics, as they are big red flags.

5. Ask about insurance

Find out if your contractor has general liability insurance and other necessary insurance to cover any damages that may occur with subcontractors. Ask which insurance company you can contact to see the company’s insurance certificate. A legitimate build won’t have any problem giving you the name and number of their insurance company. On the other hand, find another builder if the builder gets uncomfortable or answers in a gibberish or confusing way.

Now that you know some crucial tips when looking for a pool builder, you can talk to the experts at Towns & Country Pools. We provide excellent pool installation services in Magnolia, Texas, and are ready to help create and design your dream project for you.

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