How To identify that you are suffering from diabetes?

Some diseases have turned into a curse for humanity in the modern era. Diabetes Mellitus is one of them. Regardless of gender, age, and race, anybody can develop this disease. According to medical sciences, there are two conditions of DM. They are known as Diabetes 1 and Diabetes 2.

Doctors consider this disease to be a grave physical condition. A victim of this disease needs regular medication and balanced life. Unfortunately, people often fail to understand that they have developed diabetes. This leads to late diagnosis, and situations get worse.

In this article, you can learn about diabetes and its symptoms. It can help you to identify if you have developed this disease. Moreover, some significant risk factors are also given here to help you take sufficient preventive measures to avoid them. 

What is Diabetes?

Diabetes is not one disease, but it has a group. Moreover, you can consider it a physical disorder that develops with time. In this disease, the body fails to use glucose (blood sugar) in a balanced order. As a result, it abruptly increases and often fluctuates too. 

Increased blood sugar levels in a body are dangerous for the internal organs. Moreover, inappropriate blood sugar levels can harm your brain as glucose acts as its fuel. 

In the case of the chronic stage, your immunity system can dramatically weaken. Thus, the chances for you to develop other diseases increase a lot.

Generally, DM is an irreversible condition where the glucose levels in the body always remain high. Proper medication can only bring it down near the average level. Both types 1 and 2 are irreversible.

On the other hand, there are two reversible DM types: prediabetes and gestational diabetes. Therefore, you can start proper medication in these conditions to prevent the progression of this disease. 

Prominent Symptoms of Diabetes

Here are some prominent symptoms of DM that you would experience while the disease advances. However, these can differ in patients depending on the boost-up blood sugar levels. In the present backdrop of the coronavirus pandemic, you should screen yourself while experiencing any following. Remember, diabetes makes you drastically co-morbid. 

Frequent urination: Frequent urination is one of the primary symptoms of DM. Go for an immediate screening on developing it. However, it is a time-taking process. Consider it is a grave concern if you get an urge to urinate more than twice in an hour. 

Abrupt weight-loss: Advancement of DM initiates short weight loss. So, you should consult your physician if you lose much weight within a few months. 

Feeling thirstier: Another common symptom of diabetes is dryness of the throat. It leads you to increased thirst. Thus, you can be a diabetic person if you are always thirsty.

Fatigue: As polygenic disease is a blood-related disorder, it affects your body’s metabolism. Therefore, consider going for a DM screening if your body is always in a state of fatigue. 

Sores that heal slowly: As mentioned earlier, diabetes takes a toll on your general immunity system. So, if you have sores in your body that are taking a lot of time to heal, rush for a screening. 

Increased irritation: Consistent high blood glucose levels restrict all organs of your body from functioning correctly. As a result, you can always be in a state of irritation. Consider this as a DM symptom and get yourself screened. 

Risk Factors of Diabetes

Now that you know about all major symptoms of DM, it is time to know about the risk factors. Knowledge about the risk factors can help you manage the disease way before advancement. Even your doctor can suggest you screen for the disease regularly if you tell him about the risks.

Risk Factors related to Type 1 DM:

Family history: You can more likely develop DM at any point in your life if any of your family members have it. In this case, your physician might give you liquid vitamins to keep your overall metabolism in the best state.

Presence of autoantibodies: Often, patients of D-1 have autoantibodies in their blood. Well, this is an alarming risk factor.

Unfortunate circumstances: Some unfortunate circumstances like a viral illness can boost your chances of developing D-1 disease. 

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Risk Factors related to Type 2 DM:

Obesity: Most people who carry extra weight are prone to developing D-2 disease. This is because normal cells fail to coordinate with insulin in the presence of fat tissues. 

Family history: Family history is a significant risk factor in the case of D-2 disease too. You can have this disease if a sibling or parent has it.

Age: Elderly people are always at a risk of developing D-2 disease. Try considering your age when going for a screening’. 

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Final Words

Diabetes is an incurable disease, but it has a slow progression. Moreover, several management drugs allow a DM patient to live everyday life. However, as you cannot naturally restrict the development of diabetes, it is always good to live a healthy life. Remember, proper diet and regular exercise can help you live freely with DM. 

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