Red Blood Cell Count

How to Increase Red Blood Cell Count?

Sometimes, you feel tired all of a sudden without having an idea what it is. It is a sign of anaemia that occurs when your body has a low red blood cell count. Experts from nibd hospital say that your body makes more effort while doing function due to low red blood cells count. Your body does a lot of work due to a deficiency of the low red blood cells throughout your body.

Do you know that red blood cells are the most common cells in your body? Well, RBCs are produced in the bone marrow and circulate in your body. They go to the liver and destroy them. In the next process, they recycle their cellular components.

Anaemia is a condition that can put you at high risk of different health complications. Doctors suggest restoring the red blood cells count back to normal as soon as possible.

Here is the list of the essential nutrients that can improve red blood cell levels in your body.

Vitamin B-12: Start eating foods that are rich in vitamin B-12 as it helps to manage anaemia in your body. Such foods include eggs, fish, red meat, beef, milk, cheese, other dairy products, etc.

Vitamin A: Studies reveal that vitamin A supports RBC production. You should begin eating foods that are high in vitamin A, such as squash, carrots, red peppers, sweet potatoes, fruits, grapefruit, etc.

Copper: Copper does not leave a positive effect on RBCs directly but it helps your red blood cells to access the iron they need to replicate. Here are some foods that you should go for, such as cherries, beans, shellfish, poultry, liver, nuts, etc.

Iron: Adding iron-rich foods to your diet plan can help to increase the RCB production in your body. Different iron-rich foods can help to maintain body functions by dealing with anemia-like conditions. Such foods include beans, legumes, red meat, organ meat, leafy veggies, dark veggies, raisins, dried fruits, egg yolks, etc.

What lifestyle changes can help to manage the red blood cells count in your body?

Taking supplements and a healthy lifestyle can help you to manage anaemia signs perfectly but you can boost the recovery process once you change your poor lifestyle choices with healthy ones.

If you are on alcoholic beverages, make sure that you eliminate them at the very first. Studies reveal different facts about drinking alcohol and one of the negative effects is that it results in low red blood cell count in your body.

When it comes to healthy lifestyle choices, exercise and physical activity matter a lot. Blood circulation is crucial for overall body performance. Doctors say that exercise is important to increase the production of the red blood cell count in your body.

Vigorous exercise is also beneficial because it requires more oxygen. When your body needs more oxygen, the brain sends signals to your body to produce more red blood cells and it will result in a healthy red blood cell level. Vigorous exercise includes running, swimming, and jogging.

What Are The Medical Treatments For Anemia?

If you are doing enough to improve your red blood cell count and do not see improvement, it means you need medical treatment. Here are some medical treatments that your doctor may ask for.

  • Medication: If an underlying condition is the cause of the RBC deficiency, your doctor will prescribe some medications to treat the condition.
  • Blood transfusion: To improve the red blood cells, your doctor will suggest you blood transfusion. It is a process that involves the blood transfer products into one’s circulation intravenously.
  • Medicine to treat RBC production: A hormone is responsible for the production of RBCs as it is produced in the kidneys and liver. This hormone is known as erythropoietin which is often used for anemia treatment.

Final Thought 

Red blood cells are important for your body and overall functions. Dietary changes and healthy lifestyle changes can help to manage early-stage anaemia.






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