How to keep your furniture safe while moving

No matter how many times you’ve done it, moving is always a stressful and exhausting process. How to organize everything and safely transport every item to a new location, will everything be whole by the time the moving is done?

Some people like to do everything themselves, hire a truck and move at their own pace. Others, on the other hand, like to hire professionals who will do most of the moving for them. Regardless of what way you choose to move, you’d like all your possessions, including furniture, to be intact and damage-free.

Thankfully, there are many smart tricks that can help you protect your furniture while moving. Here is a couple of them that can save you the headache!

Get protection supplies

Let’s do this in a logical order – the first thing is gathering all the necessary protection supplies. If you aren’t sure about this, let us guide you through all the supplies that can be useful for your move. 

Bubble wrap and plastic sheeting are the two most common items people use when moving their possessions. Bubble wrap is ideal for breakable items and elements of the furniture such as glass, doors, legs, and so on. You can secure bubble wrap with tape. On the other hand, plastic sheeting is usually used to protect upholstered items.

If you have old blankets you can use them to protect your furniture as well. If you don’t have anything like this, you can get specialized moving blankets that are used to protect wooden and leather furniture during the move.

Shrinkwrap is yet another supply item that can be very useful. If you have a lot of furniture that has many drawers, doors, and other movable components, you can use shrink wrap to ensure that they stay closed. Another plus is that this wrap is waterproof, so you can breathe easily even when the weather is awful.

Disassemble furniture

The next on your plate is disassembling furniture that you can. You won’t be able to disassemble all the furniture, but it’s highly recommended that you disassemble whatever you can.    

Tables, beds, modular furniture, and other pieces that can be taken apart. Once you disassemble everything, make sure you keep all the pieces labeled and have instructions to put them back together. The disassembled furniture should then be wrapped in bubble wrap, blankets, or boxes. You can go a step further and label everything just to make sure you know exactly what is what.

Don’t move heavy furniture

Many people make the mistake of moving the heavy furniture pieces by themselves. Not only is this a hazard to their safety, but they are also risking breaking either the furniture, floors, walls or whatever is the way.

Instead of putting yourself in danger, consider hiring professional movers. Removalists from 2 Men Removals know their job and know how to safely and carefully move even the heaviest and most complex-to-move furniture pieces. They also have no problems with stairs, corners, elevators, or tight spaces.

Make the move easier on yourself by hiring a helping hand that will make the move a piece of cake.

Use towels, cardboard, or furniture glides to move the furniture

Moving furniture can seriously damage the floors, especially wooden floors. To prevent any potential floor damages, use whatever you can to protect the flooring. For example, many people like to use towels or cardboard underneath the furniture.

Another option includes furniture glides. Glides are usually made of plastic or metal and are fixed to the bottom of the furniture legs such as chairs. The point of the glides is to make the furniture slide easily without marking up hard surfaces.

Rent a truck with a ramp and tie-downs

If you’re still planning to do the move yourself, then we recommend renting a truck with a ramp and tie-downs. Most moving trucks have a tie-down track where you can attach straps that will keep the furniture from moving around during the drive. 

Additionally, when renting a moving truck, try to get one with a ramp. The ramp will make loading and unloading of furniture much easier.

Another tip is to have a plan when loading items in the truck. Start by placing boxes of the approximately same size at the back of the truck, then start bringing in square furniture pieces such as tables, dressers, desks. On top of those furniture pieces, add more boxes, but this time make sure they are lightweight. Wrapped upholstered furniture should come next, and just to be sure add a blanket over them as an extra protection layer.

Even with all the protection, the worry won’t disappear, but at least you’ll be sure you did everything you could to protect your possessions. Once the move is done, unwrap everything and make sure everything is intact and undamaged. Your following move will be thoroughly cleaning all the moved furniture pieces.






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