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How to measure head for a helmet?

The most important and effective measure for safety is a motorcyclist helmet. And motorcyclists must invest in the helmet. No other single piece of a motorcycle has more return on investment, or no other gear gives more protection, or in the time of a crash. How to measure head for a helmet, for this procedure, the measuring tape is used and wrap it around the head. Measuring a motorcycle helmet is necessary because it is a better fit on the head after that. It explains why a helmet should not be bought only depending on the appearance or price. A rider should buy the most highly rated and the best fitting helmet they can afford. At the time of purchasing a helmet needs a bit of research to understand the different shapes. And how to buy the helmet that best fits your head. 

Different things that we need to see when we buy a helmet:

  • Shape
  • Sizing
  • Helmet Fit
  • Types of Motorcycle Helmets:

But first, it is necessary to know something about safety ratings. All helmets were firstly approved by the Department of Transportation (DOT) rating for use in the United States. DOT approves all helmets that come in the market. Other safety ratings include the Economic Commission and Snell for Europe (ECE). ECE and Snell lead to having deeper testing, but that does not mean the helmet that DOT only approves is less safe for highway travel. The Big List of DOT, Snell & ECE safety rating for Approved Motocross Helmets is present. 


The most necessary part in knowing how to measure head for a helmet is to consider before measuring helmet size is helmet shape. The shape of the rider’s head plays an important role in choosing a best-fitting helmet. All helmet manufacturers’ design is different according to fit a specific head shape. Most people like Best ventilated motorcycle helmets; these helmets are used mostly in the sunny season.

These mostly range across three primary manufacturers’ designs, including long oval, intermediate oval, and round oval.

Long Oval: Shape for a head that is longer from the forehead to the back of the skull (front-to-back) than an ear to ear (side to side).

Intermediate Oval: Shape for a side-to-side head that is slightly longer front-to-back. The helmets will mostly relate to this type as it is the most common head shape; if a helmet does not appear in its form, this is mostly it.

Round Oval: Shape for a head that is almost related to side-to-side and front-to-back measurements.

Once you measure the head shape properly because it is easier to decrease the big selection of available helmets, turn to a smaller one. And the best list comes from those helmets which will fit the rider’s head. Now it is time to search for the correct size of the helmet. 

Sizing a Motorcycle Helmet

Sizing a motorcycle helmet size is a simple method. It looks like measuring a well-fitted hat. The main difference is how the helmet fits properly on the rider’s head. The best thing to perform this is a tailor’s tape or seamstress measure. It is more flexible to wrap around the rider’s skull easily. And include useful components for determining a perfect size. So, use it to find out which size of a helmet is best for you:

Around the whole part of the head, wrap the measuring tape – measure the forehead; it will be just the upper side of the ears and about a half-inch upper the eyebrows for most. To get the perfect measure, have another person help with this step.

Take the complete measurement and match it to the size chart on the available page for the wanted helmet. So only depend on the size chart created for the helmet because each manufacturer has sizing which is best for its models. 

Some changes occur, even in the same manufacturer models, which is why Motorsport gives a “Free First Exchange” program if your helmet does not fit correctly.

Helmet Fit

A helmet should be slightly tight when a new helmet is first worn. The helmet is not so restrictive that it causes any pain, but it comes with the interior into contact with most of the head. The helmet should not freely move around because there should be no “hot spots” where the helmet’s interior places pressure on specific points of the skull or face. But with time, a helmet adjusts according to the shape of the rider’s head as it is worn. The helmet should break-in and loosen a little. However, it should not become looser at the moment where it is easily turning from side to side.

A helmet should be a little tight when a rider wears it over the head. The helmet should be kept on the lead equally with the eye ports to the upper point just upper to the eyebrows and gives good best vision to see side-to-side.

Place a finger between the interior side of the helmet and the head. If it properly fits, try a smaller size. Some helmet models allow a change in the cheek pads for proper fitment, so think about this when checking for accurate sizing. You can also read more on how to make the helmet fit better?

It is mostly up to personal choice for patterns, color, shield tint, and finally, when choosing a helmet style. But remember, the easier and brighter it is to see a helmet, the more drivers spot a rider. The face shield should not block the rider’s vision in any way. The Best ventilated motorcycle helmets and tinted visors helmets should only be used for sunny days.

Types of Motorcycle Helmets

The helmets come in different styles or types; each gives various benefits according to a rider’s needs. Some riders like a lean approach, While others prefer full all-around protection that mostly permits them to ride. 

In those states legally that have helmet laws. Moreover, you have many options to select from:

  • Full Face Helmets
  • Modular Helmets
  • ADV Dual Sport
  • Open Face Helmets
  • Half Shell Helmets

Choosing the best helmet can be a little daunting. For selecting the Best Motorcycle Helmet, discuss these helmets more in-depth. Also, ask some questions that help you choose the best style of helmet for your riding style.

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