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How To Open A Car Trunk Without Key?

Have you left your keys in your trunk, then don’t worry. It can happen to anyone! If you have a Slim Jim or anything else to unlock your side door with, we have a few DIY ideas for you. We’ll talk about how to open a car trunk without key.

If you don’t have any equipment, see what you can find. You can contact a locksmith, but it could take approximately 20 minutes for him to arrive, then another 10 to 15 minutes to open the trunk. It’s quick and won’t affect you more than $50, so either way, you’re fine.

We’ll do our best to show you how to use your screwdriver to open your car’s trunk throughout this post.

How To Open A Car Trunk Without Key?

Outside or Inside

The first thing you must decide is whether you need to open your trunk from the inside or outside your vehicle. In both cases, the procedure is vastly different. If you want to open the trunk from the outside, you’ll need to make the way in with a tool until it unlocks. You should get a car key duplication for this type of situation.

If you wish to access your trunk from the inside, however, you must first unlock your vehicle so that you can enter and open the trunk.


There is no obvious method to open the trunk of your car with a tool externally. All you can do is attempt to force the trunk’s latch open with a flathead screwdriver by getting your way left and right until it unlocks.

Although, it is extremely risky because it can harm your trunk, shatter your screwdriver, or even cause you injury. As a result, we suggest that you proceed with utmost caution and use the screwdriver with extreme care.

Unlocking from the inside method has two different sections. The very first step is to open the vehicle, followed by the trunk. If your car door is locked, it’s reasonable to assume that your trunk is as well. So, in order to open the trunk, you must first unlock the vehicle.

How To Get Into The Car

We’ll unlock the trunk using the same tool we used to open it. So, in order to open your car, follow the steps below.

  1. Find your unlock key, which is quite simple to accomplish because we all remember our cars from top to bottom and know whereby each button is.
  2. Use the screwdriver as a tool to pry the door and frame apart; be careful when inserting the screwdriver to avoid damaging the door or the locking system. It’s also a good idea to keep as far away from the joints as possible to prevent placing any strain on the door.
  3. Put a tool of any kind into the opening formed by the screwdriver, the best being a clothes hanger because it is tall, robust, and bendable. You will have to pry your way in until you get the key.
  4. Take the screwdriver and clothes hanger when opening the front door; No one can overstate the need for this phase. If the door is opened before the screwdriver and coat hanger are removed, the door will be damaged. You will undoubtedly break your locking system, which will be quite costly to fix. So, whenever you open the door, you must first remove your coat hanger, then the screwdriver, and double-check that the door is back in its rightful place.

How To Open The Car Trunk without Key

We’ve finally reached the point to open the trunk that we’ve all been waiting for. Now, we’ll talk about getting your trunk open from the inside. Now that you’re inside your vehicle, you’ll need to do the following steps:

  1. To make adequate room for you, fold the front seats and push them forward as much as possible.
  2. Raise the back seats’ bottoms. You have to do it to search for and locate a bolt on one of the two sides.
  3. To detach the seat’s bottom and back completely, loosen and remove the bolt using a tool.
  4. After discarding any insulation that may be blocking your path, go inside the trunk.
  5. Now that you’re in the trunk use your torch or smartphone to shed more light on a horizontal metal bar that’s generally near the trunk’s lock.
  6. To unlock and reach the container on the bar, use a screwdriver. The trunk will open when you turn it clockwise.
  7. Return the insulation and everything else to its original positions, and you’ll have successfully opened your trunk with a screwdriver.

It’s also worth noting that newer vehicle models include a trunk release from the inside. This interior release is a simple button that may be pulled to open the trunk from the inside of your vehicle. Car lockout services can be helpful for these situations.

Some people also ask how does one opens a vehicle without a key? You can try a wooden wedge, air wedge, or a rod to unlock your car if you can pry the top half of the door open at least a little bit. To begin, get the wooden wedge and insert it through the top of the door. Put a cover around the wedge to protect the paint.

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