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How to prepare your photo equipment for summer 2022?

Are you already thinking about summer vacation? Holidays or not, we all take advantage of the summer period whenever we have free time: at the beach, at the swimming pool or on an excursion with friends… And of course, if you like photography, it’s the best time to take your camera and immortalize those moments that we love so much. But, how to prepare your photo equipment for this summer?

During this season, certain aspects of nature change. We must therefore adapt with the appropriate accessories. So let’s review the best camera companions this summer.

Protect your camera body with the easyCover case

Whether at the beach or on an excursion in the countryside, the camera is exposed to possible external aggressions such as water, sand or other elements that can damage its surface.

Although we are not used to protecting the body of the camera, the easyCover case is a wise choice for this summer since it adapts perfectly to the camera body. In addition to offering a better grip, it will prevent dust, dirt, sand or even water from seeping inside, thanks to its suction cup effect. It will also protect your case from knocks and scratches.

Essential filters for this summer: UV, CPL and ND

When the weather is good, we go out more often with the camera around our necks. It’s a fact: we don’t want to go out in the street until late at night. In this situation, there are three essential photo filters that must be part of your photo equipment such as UV, CPL and ND filters.

The UV or ultraviolet filter, also known as the protective filter, is responsible for protecting the front lens of the lens, a fragile part of the camera exposed to knocks and scratches. It is easier and even more economical to change a filter than a lens.

The polarizing filter (CPL) is perfect for the summer photography, when nature offers clear and very bright skies. The polarizing filter absorbs a large amount of reflections caused by sunlight and intensifies the colors, especially blue and green, to obtain surprising images.

For its part, the neutral density (ND) filter is responsible for blocking part of the entry of light into the sensor. It is thus perfect at this time of the year when there are very bright scenes to avoid overexposures.

It also makes it possible to obtain the silky effect (with long exposure times) on the water of rivers, springs or waterfalls without the image being “burnt”. It’s one of the key accessories to work with your photo gear this summer. Perfect !

Stability for lightweight compacts

During outings with friends or family, we sometimes regret not having a tripod to take stable photos, but it is true that taking a tripod with you can be a bad idea.

Do you want to go to the beach, to the mountains or to the city to have a good time and take pictures but the conventional tripod or monopod is too heavy and bulky to take with you? Take along a mini tripod or clampod: they are perfect in these situations.

They weigh little and take up little space. But don’t underestimate them: they can support your DSLR camera perfectly and cling to the most unexpected places.

Film movements in any situation

Although photography enthusiasts, many of you are seduced by the moving image. And even more in summer! Who has never had the temptation to make action videos during an outdoor activity?

Bike rides, water sports like surfing, kayaking and diving or even extreme activities like bungee jumping (who knows!), summer is perfect for letting go and going beyond our limits. So why not share your experiences with your friends or family?

But of course, it is not enough to have the corresponding action camera and film lens, it is also essential to have the necessary accessories for outdoor activities. At Photo24, we have them all: suction cup mounts, handlebar mounts, chest or helmet harnesses, waterproof cases…

Get ready for the big dive!

Not only will you be able to immerse yourself in the water with our action cameras if you have one, but also your smartphones, tablets or digital cameras. You can dive with the device of your choice thanks to the DiCAPac cases. Who can resist capturing images underwater from unique perspectives?

A waterproof case suitable for smartphones or tablets is not just for taking photos or videos underwater. Even if you don’t swim in it, you’ll stay calm on the sand or by the pool, since it will protect your equipment from accidental splashes or falls in the water.

In addition to getting yourself a reliable waterproof case, it’s also essential to have a floating strap that hooks onto your wrist and your device. Thus, you run no risk of losing it to the bottom of the water. JJC floating straps were designed especially for underwater photo outings. They are available in different colors.

Your camera is finally ready for this summer!

As you may have noticed, preparing your photo equipment for this summer consists above all in protecting it from external aggressions, such as possible falls, scratches, sand and above all water. We must also not forget to enjoy the holidays. So you need to have the corresponding stability accessories on hand, which are versatile, compact and ready for action. Also remember that with the right filters you will be able to enjoy summer scenes, which is the most important thing. To your camera!


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