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How to Use Facebook Like Ads to Grow Your Fan Page & Business

 Facebook Like Ads are advertisements that appear in the desktop or mobile newsfeed of Facebook users. They feature great Facebook Likes pages and solicit likes from target audiences. Users who have friends that like an advertisement page will see that their friends also love the advertisement page.

When a target sees that many trustworthy relatives like a Facebook page, they feel more secure.

How to Create a Like Ad?

There are three primary methods for creating great Facebook Likes advertising, the size of which varies depending on the size of your section:

1. Your Page’s “Promote” Option

2. Option to “Create Ad” on Your Page

3. Ad Manager’s “Engagement” Option

I’ll walk you through the procedure for all three.

“Promote” Option for Creating Like Ads

Navigate to your page. The simplest of all steps! Simply navigate to the website where you desire to place a little advertisement. Consider the menu located at the bottom of your sidebar. At the bottom of the left toolbar menu, click the blue “Promote” button. If you don’t see it, the “Intervention” option can be found at the bottom of this blog page. Select “Promote This Page.” To build a great Facebook Likes Ad on your Facebook page, click the Promote Page option in the following light box.

Create an advertisement creatively. Begin by generating the creative for your ad that will appear in the newsfeed. A preview of your ad creative will appear in the source of light to the right as you alter it. Customize your audience. Determine the duration and budget. Following that, you’ll specify the time and money for your Facebook Like advertisement. You can run it continuously or for a specified period of time with a daily budget restriction. Invest and spread the word. After configuring your budget and length, reviewing your ad creative, and audience targeting, you can select a payment option and click the Advertise button.

Your Like ad will be reviewed by Facebook and, if approved, will run for the duration you specify.

2. The “Create Ad” option for making like ads.

If your page lacks the “Promote” option, you can still create ads that appear almost identical by following these instructions. Find Your Page. Navigate to the page on which you wish to run the advertisement. Second, click “Ad Center.” Ad Center should be above your cover picture. This is the third step. You can click “Create Ad.” You may notice several ad designs. To begin, select one. Choose “Promote Page.” Here, it’s the same as when you used the Promote Page button in the sidebar menu above to promote your page. Promote your website and business to gain more fans.

It’s critical! If Facebook offers these two options, they are quite easy to set up. Remember to tweak the ads to make them appear attractive.

The “Engagement” option for making like ads.

You can also choose from a third option in Ads Manager, which is called “Engagement. Go to Ads Manager. When you’re done, click and choose. When you click the green +Create button, you’ll be able to set up a campaign for your Facebook Page’s Like Ad on Facebook. Then, you’ll pick “Engagement” as your marketing goal. Setting objectives is the first step in building a Facebook ad campaign.

Select the number of likes you want, give your campaign a name, and set a spending limit for your campaign.

Then choose Page Likes to start a Facebook Like Ads campaign. Then you’ll name your campaign and set A/B testing, budget, and bidding strategy. There are also advanced distribution options like ad scheduling. The options are available again if your campaign’s bidding strategy changes. When ready, choose the Facebook page you wish to promote. Each Facebook Ad Campaign has its own Facebook Page. That is, each ad campaign can only be linked to one Facebook page. Then determine who you want to contact. The Facebook Ads Manager offers additional targeting choices than simply boosting a Facebook page or creating an ad. Consider this:

Some main Points:

If you’re a local business, you should target a city or zip code that is about 20-25 miles away from you.

If you have a specific age group for a product or service, target them by age group. It’s all about your company and brand. If your offer isn’t for teens, you’re squandering money on ads.

There should be consideration given to both males and females. Consider that your goals and the means you intend to utilise to achieve them are the determining factors in this matter. In this case, there is no right or wrong solution. Only if you use the term “Hey Ladies!” 

Exactly what you want. This can be a little hard to do, but it can be very powerful if done right. In the Automotive field, for example, you might want to choose things like “Nascar” or “Cars.” This will help you get your ad in front of a smaller, more interested group. It will also save you money.

Then, you can choose where your ad will show up on Facebook and Instagram for people who use their phones or computers. You will also be able to see what ads look like in each placement option before you buy them. In this case, the manual placement options aren’t going to put your Facebook Page Likes campaign on Instagram, Audience Network, or Messenger, because that’s not what you want. In this way, it shows that Facebook has tested Page Like Ads and found that the best results come from ads that appear in the Facebook News Feed. Choose a Budget and a Schedule. Make Ad Creative. Then, Check and double-check everything.


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