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How to write a proper essay on a given topic

Nowadays, for a successful final certification in the Russian language it is necessary to have not only theoretical knowledge of this subject, but also the ability to give a detailed answer in the custompapers review genre.

The open-ended task with an extended answer is an essay based on the proposed text. It checks the development of students’ individual communicative skills and abilities:

– analyze the content and problems of the read text;

– comment on the problems of the original text and the position of the author;

– express and argue their own opinion;

– express their ideas consistently and logically;

– use in speech a variety of grammatical forms and the lexical richness of language;

practical literacy – making statements in accordance with the spelling, punctuation, grammatical and lexical norms of modern Russian literary language.

Often students either retell the text or try to give a complete linguistic analysis of it. In fact, it is necessary to understand the main idea of the original text, because it is on this that the disclosure of the topic of the essay depends. The graduate should also agree or disagree with the opinion of the author of the text, give a number of arguments proving his position.

In the text of the essay there should be a place for the formulation of the main idea of the source text, an analysis with an explanation of the use of these linguistic means and an explanation of how you understand it.

Essay Writing Stages:

– Carefully read the text offered for your essay.

– Recall what you know about the author.

– Find the key words.

– Write down the objective keywords in groups.

– Mark with arrows the relationship or opposition of objective keywords.

– Next to objective keywords, write down subjective keywords, relating them by meaning.

– Find unfamiliar or incomprehensible words and determine their meaning.

– Identify the main idea of the statement (what is it about?).

– Formulate the problem of the text in the form of a question.

– Sketch out arguments for and/or against the statement.

– Consider what literary techniques you will use to make the language of your essay more interesting and lively (comparisons, analogies, epithets, etc.).

– Arrange your chosen arguments and/or counterarguments in a sequence. This will be your conditional outline.

– State your point of view in the sequence you have outlined.

– Formulate a general conclusion of the paper and edit it, if necessary.

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