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Jobs Service Rengøring Assistant

Do you have a good eye for detail, and are you thorough, persistent and positive? Then a position as a cleaning assistant might be the obvious position for you. Here you have the opportunity to clean everything from offices and businesses to hospitals, institutions and many other places. It is a job that is important for the hygiene and overall appearance of a building. And therefore it is important that you like to clean.

A cleaning assistant cleans either at fixed times and fixed places, or by staying called out for various cleaning tasks. For example as a temporary position. The job as a rengøringshjælp can be both a part-time position. Aa full-time position, depending on where you are employ. You have different work tasks, depending on where you work. Some tasks, such as floor washing, are often do with a machine . You just have to operate, while elsewhere you wash the floor by hand. When wiping dust and the like, this is also do by hand.

It takes good energy and good health to work as a cleaning assistant. Because one moves a lot and because there are bending exercises and the like. It is therefore important that you learn. How to make the best use of the right working postures. And techniques that make the work easiest and most gentle. This is teach by the cleaning company, as it is their responsibility that the employees are not injure.

One can also specialize in one area so that one can have more responsibility. This can, among other things be in cleaning in the industry, where one cleans at production facilities or factories. Or in the hotel industry where you clean hotel rooms and other places. There are also cleaning staff at airports, ships, hospitals and many other places.

Other, more traditional, places to work as a cleaning assistant are in offices and schools. Supermarkets and grocery stores, kitchens and restaurants. Large department stores, nursing homes and many other places. In some places you work while there are customers or others employees while working after closing time elsewhere.

The work that the cleaning assistant performs can take place in different ways. Most places are clean once a day. Usually at closing time, but elsewhere also before which opens. In the case of a manufacturing company, it is often clean several times per day. To maintain a sterile production process. There is a big difference in which company you clean in. And therefore you make a special agreement with the customers. Which fulfills their specific needs. And which are then written in a contract. So that one is never in doubt about what the agreements are base on.

Education and training

Cleaning requires professional skill that one learns through training or courses. It is important that you are thorough, and know the different chemicals. And the like you use for work and then you do not damage the materials you clean. Most cleaning assistants receive courses or training at some point. So the employees in the industry are gradually a lot well-educate. And skill at the work they perform. And both endurance and eye are require details.

When the work of a customer is do, it is usually a cleaning manager or inspector there approves the work. And sees if it meets the requirements of the contract. A cleaning manager has one broader training in cleaning .Than the cleaning assistant, while they also have knowledge of management. So that they can delegate the tasks and maintain a good overview, also at large cleaning tasks.

The working hours of cleaning assistants can be very different. In some places you clean early in the morning before others show up. hile one can also clean in the afternoon and in the evening. Some places are clean on the weekends.


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