Leagues Represents For The American Sports System

The creation of a closed league seems to automatically offer a solution to the problem of the youth sectors. The dilemma of recruiting new talents would be solve by maintaining the national championships which would represent for the European system what the system of colleges and minor leagues represents for the American sports system. An American rookie draft type allocation method for young talents should be introduce, which would ensure the continued competitiveness of the Super alloy. It is quite evident; however, that such a reorganization collides with obstacles of custom and tradition that seem to pose a very strong obstacle to the reorganization of the national championships in an American key. It is always very difficult to carry out institutional transplants from one cultural environment to another dissimilar, without creating reaction phenomena that are not easily predictable.

The latest criticism of Szymanski and Hoehn’s model is that of the national teams of the various European countries, which their analysis does not take into account. This problem does not arise for the United States where for two of the most popular sports, American football and baseball, there is no need to build a national team as they are typically American 해외축구중계사이트 that they would not find outside of the United States national teams to compete with.

The other two sports, basketball and ice hockey, participate in world and Olympic events

 With results that are not always excellent. In the hypothetical championship propose by Szymanski and Hoehn (tournament divide into four federations with access to the second round for the first two teams of each group, playoff and final dispute, for a total of 49 matches) there would be both the problem of the time left to the activities of the national teams and that of usable television windows. In fact, UEFA and FIFA are currently working together to avoid the overlapping of club commitments with national ones.

If the Superliga project were to be implement

 The ownership of the championship would pass to the club owners. This would not be without consequences for the entire hierarchical structure of European sport, which would be greatly weaken and perhaps destine to disappear. The owners could decide according to convenience, to sell or not to sell the players to their respective national teams to avoid injuries or for incompatibility with the plans of the various clubs. This would jeopardize international events such as the world championships or the European ones. Probably the external economic damage to the Superliga would be greater than the benefit that its actors would derive, without taking into account the symbolic and cultural aspects of such events. Furthermore, the revenues of FIFA, in part given to economically weaker countries, would be reduce with deleterious effects on the growth of new talents.

In essence, creating a closed system on the model of a type of organization born in a completely different economic and cultural environment could cause considerable damage to a system, such as that of European football, which has historically developed according to an open model; it certainly has flaws, but it does not need a total transformation to respond to the demands of change of the economic forces.





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