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Main Benefits of Checking NEET Sample Paper

Solving previous year’s question papers and practice tests is as important as mastering the theoretical part for NEET 2022 preparation. Any preparation guidance, whether from an expert or a topper, is incomplete unless it includes a reference of NEET previous year’s question papers and mock tests. Candidates sometimes inquire as to why it is necessary to solve previous years’ NEET question papers and practice examinations. Here are five benefits of solving past years’ NEET question papers. This post will explain why it is critical to solving the previous year’s question papers and practice exams in order to pass NEET 2022.

NEET 2022: Advantages of Solving Previous Years Papers

Advantages of solving previous years’ question papers in cracking NEET 2022 are as follow:

1. Evaluating the Exam Pattern

When it comes to comprehending the exam pattern, there is no greater reference than the previous year’s question papers. An in-depth examination of the question papers will also assist you in determining which topics are relevant to NEET. This also allows you to review the amount of preparedness for the topics on the NEET 2022 curriculum. If a student is weak in a topic that has a big weightage in the NEET syllabus but that area of strength is not given a high priority, the student should reassess his or her preparation strategy and study plan using the best NEET books.

2. Time Management and Quickness

According to the NEET exam schedule, applicants must solve 180 questions in three hours (180 minutes) and choose 180 questions from 200 questions, implying that they have less than a minute for each question. You must acquire this speed in order to attempt the greatest amount of questions on exam day. Previous year’s NEET question papers and mock examinations are designed to complete in three hours. Setting a timer while working on these will assist you in achieving this speed.

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3. Reliability and trustworthiness

Solving NEET question papers and practice exams would help NEET applicants with time management but also with speed and accuracy. They may be able to answer ten questions in ten minutes, but how many are correct? Candidates must acquire high levels of accuracy and speed in order to earn good results. Their confidence level will immediately increase as their accuracy improves and they practise on a regular basis. According to exam day experiences provided by numerous applicants, those who answered previous years’ NEET sample paper and practise tests feel more confident than those who relied solely on books.

4. It prepares you for a wide range of inquiries and topics.

During the early stages of preparation, a candidate focuses on solving the sample papers and taking a few basic mock examinations. Mock tests of varying levels of complexity prepare a candidate for practically any question.


Candidates studying for NEET 2022, however, should keep in mind that simply answering NEET previous year’s question papers and practice tests is not enough to pass the exam. They must thoroughly prepare for the theory section.

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