Microsoft Azure Certifications: A Way To Reach New Heights

Microsoft is like a guiding star for all those willing to scale greater heights in their careers. It has aimed to make learning easier for all. To fulfill this promise, it has come up with the Microsoft Azure portal. 

To help stay on top of the game, Azure certification allows its users to secure a range of practice-based training and certification from the comfort of one’s home. The Azure platform is very helpful for those conducting business meetings by the hour and trying to keep up with organizational needs. 

What is Microsoft Azure?

In layman’s terms, Microsoft Azure is an upgraded version of a public cloud. From its inception, the company has been very popular for its cloud services. However, with time and the ever-changing needs of the masses, it has decided to up its game. The Azure platform comes with the entire package of computing, analyzing, developing, storing, securing, networking, and more.

How to get hold of Microsoft Azure?

To begin with, you need nothing more than a device, an internet connection, and a Microsoft account. Once everything is in place, users must create a separate account on the Azure portal and get creative. It even provides a free subscription for the first 12 months. During this phase, every activity is available without any restrictions.

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What makes it even more pocket-friendly is the payment system. After the expiration of the free trial period that is the first 12 months, customers have the privilege of a pay-as-you-go basis. According to this, at the end of every month, customers will have to clear a bill consisting of only the resources used by them throughout the month and nothing more. This, in turn, makes Azure certification cost much less compared to others of the kind.

More about Azure certifications

Recently, the global demand for professionals with working knowledge of the cloud has increased. This Microsoft Cloud certification is very useful. Let us take a look at some of the highly valued Azure certifications.

This exam is for users who seek a future as IT professionals and Cloud AI developers. The Azure certification training aims at providing a preliminary understanding of the Azure platform. This course helps one get a grip on the basic inner workings of the cloud as in:

Exam AZ – 104: Microsoft Azure Administrator

  • How to implement different tools available
  • Managing and storing
  • How to implement the use of virtual networking schemes

Exam AZ- 304: Microsoft Azure Architect Design

For all those candidates who seek careers in advising stakeholders and meeting requirements for top designs, this Azure certification is the one. However, it does come with a few requirements. It demands skills in basic IT operations and administration and development in Azure. The AZ-303 and AZ-304 exams are available till 31st March 2022, after which they will be replaced by a new exam AZ-305.

Exam AZ-400: Designing and Implementing Microsoft DevOps Solutions

The recently updated syllabus and training course provide the much-needed expertise for cracking the DevOps Engineering Expert certification. As the whole concept is based on designing and implementing, some of the ways it can help your career include consolidating artifacts, creating and managing strategies for coding, testing, delivery, security, etc.

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Exam AZ- 500: Microsoft Azure Securities Technologies

Every aspect of computing involves creating, managing and implementing. But it can be a complete waste of time without proper knowledge of protection and security. This course and certification provide professionals with the much-needed knowledge on how to safeguard sensitive information, conduct a threat assessment, and identify loopholes. This, in turn, allows one to take precautions and avoid a security breach.

Exam AI-102: Designing and Implementing a Microsoft Azure AI Solutions

As part of a growing economy, Artificial Intelligence (AI) has made quite a strong foothold in India. Exam AZ-102 and its certification grant all AI professionals the chance to be a part of every phase in AI Solutions. From design to deployment to monitoring, every stage is made accessible.


The world is ever-changing, and to adapt, one must also change. This year every professional can easily reach new heights with the help of Microsoft Azure certifications.

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