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Must-Have Stone Tools You Can Find At Any Stone Tool Shop

The demand for granite, marble, and other hard material decoration items is increasing day by day. If you want to make a living from this demand, you would need the right tools. With the market growing for these materials, so is the demand for the right tools. Thanks to this growing demand, you can easily find the right tools you need. Having the right tools will make your work easier and your clients happier. If you want to grow your granite installation services, then read the blog post till the end because today we will share with you 10 essential tools you can find at any stone tool shop.

Power Drill

Power drills are a common tool and you should have it by default. It doesn’t matter whether you work with granite or any other stone surface, having a power drill is a must. You may need the power drill to make holes in other things like wood or steel. So, buying a power drill will definitely help because it is a universal tool. You can find a power drill anywhere whether you look online or offline, a power drill is very easy to get.

Diamond Drill Bits

Diamond drills bits will go hand in hand with your power drill. With these specialized bits, you will be able to make holes in stone surfaces like granite and marble. Combining your power drill with these diamond bits makes your work easier and will definitely make a difference in the speed as well. With these bits you can now make holes for sinks, faucets, and other fitting that you may want to install through your granite tiles. You will find these bits at any stone tool shop.

Angle Grinder

An angle grinder is an essential tool for working with these hard materials. You may need to cut some tiles at the application spot and an angle grinder will come in handy. Besides cutting you can use the angle grinder to smooth out edges, polish surfaces, and even cut out shapes from the tiles. Many types of different brands and saws can be attached to an angle grinder. You can use this tool to cut wood, stones, and even metal.

Variable Speed Polisher

The variable speed polisher is a versatile tool and just like the angle grinder can be used to polish wood, stone, epoxy, or metal. The plus side of the variable speed polisher is that it can polish things in different speeds. You can use it to add primer, apply paint, or sand surfaces. This tool will speed up many aspects of your work. This tool is useful for every person who works with hardware tools.

Manual Cutter

A manual cutter is for quick cuts. With this tool and a bit of experience, you can make straight cuts by breaking the tiles instead of cutting them. It’s a very good tool if you just need a simple small straight break on the tiles. This is very safe and time saving tool for professionals. With this tool you can quickly fill up the empty spaces left because of the shape of the tiles.

Tile Trowel

A tile trowel is an essential tool and a tool you will find at every stone tool shop. This tool is used to spread the mortar evenly on the tile and surface the tile it is supposed to be applied upon. This tool comes with a u-shape and square shape trowels on it. It’s like the plainer for concrete, but instead of a straight edge, it has teeth on all sides. You will have to choose a different size of trowel for every size of the tiles you work with, so choose wisely.

Rubber Grout Floats

This tool will help you fill-up the empty spaces between the tiles. Just like the trowel, the rubber grout floats come in different sizes. Some are used to reach and fill-up mortar in hard-to-reach places, while others are used to fill mortar in large areas of tiles quickly. Once again, the nature of your work will decide which particular rubber grout floats you will need to buy from the stone tool shop.

Tile Leveling System

A leveling system is the most essential tool if you want to add a touch of perfection to your work. This tool will allow you to level all your tiles evenly. The wall or room on which you will apply tiles will be flat and even with the help of a leveling system.

Knee Pads

Knee pads are essential to protect your knees from the tiles. While installing tiles on a floor you may have to kneel on a newly installed tile to apply another tile. This is risky because newly installed tiles tend to break sometimes. So, the pair of knee pads will protect you and the tile.

Tile Spacers

Tile spacers are essential for creating gaps between tiles, where mortar will be filled. The type of the tile spacers depends on the shape of the tiles. So, you will have to buy them occasionally for every job. You can buy the square tile spacers as the square is the most common shape of tiles.


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