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Pakistani Clothes And What Colour For Ladies Fashion?

Pakistani clothes are the traditional dress of the people living in Pakistan and the Pakistani diaspora. There are many types of Pakistani clothes, such as shalwar kameez (the national dress of Pakistan), saris and kurta pajamas, churidars, lungis, Punjabi suits, and Western-style clothing such as skirts and jeans are also popular among women in urban areas like Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad and Rawalpindi. 

What makes Pakistani clothing so special? Learn more below!

Ready to wear salwar kameez

A ready-to-wear salwar kameez can be just as attractive as one custom-made by a fashion designer. The secret to choosing a great ready-to-wear kameez is understanding what colors are suitable for your skin tone, how to find clothes that fit you well and how to wear jewelry to complete your look. Read on to learn more about Pakistani women’s clothing!

Churidar suits

Once a staple in all Pakistani wardrobes, churidar suits are now reserved mostly for special occasions or weddings. The name comes from churidar, which means four quarters and is indicative of how these outfits are made. They have long been associated with modesty and formality – something that makes them a great choice for big events. These days, however, you can wear a churidar suit any time you want to feel festive and elegant!

Top wear styles

There are many different styles of Pakistani clothing that women wear. The most common styles that you’ll see ladies wearing on a daily basis in Pakistan are shalwar kameez, sarees and salwar. All three of these outfits have their own specific purpose, meaning if you want to find out what colours look best on you and which clothes fit your figure then it’s best to get some expert advice!


Pakistani clothes are popular all over, but you’ll find that they’re more prominent in a few specific regions. For example, most Pakistani dresses have an eastern flare to them. If you live in an area with a predominantly Asian or Indian population, you may want to invest in some traditional outfits. Western Pakistani clothes are also popular among some women and girls.

Cutwork dresses

Fashion is constantly changing, so women who want to stand out from the crowd have a lot of options. Cutwork is one such option that involves detailed embroidery work in beautiful patterns. In recent years, a lot of brands have started using cutwork to make interesting dresses that can be worn at weddings and special occasions. When it comes to choice of colours and shapes, there’s no limit!

Fancy jackets and shalwars

The national dress of Pakistan is called a shalwar kameez, but don’t confuse it with a similar, similarly named piece of clothing (called a salwar kameez) that comes from India. Shalwars are loose-fitting pants made of cotton or polyester. The traditional kameez is long and flowing; today, it’s more likely to be a skintight tube top or tunic paired with fitted pants.

Anarkali suits

Pakistani women love their Anarkali suits. These traditional, yet stylish outfits have been worn in Pakistan since medieval times, with slight alterations depending on which era we’re referring to. Typically made from chiffon and a variety of embroidered or printed fabrics, these dresses typically have long sleeves and come in a range of colours – but black is a very popular choice. It’s not just women who wear Anarkali suits; men also wear them as part of their wedding attire.


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