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Post- COVID Event Reopening: Importance of Temporary Fencing

Remember the good times when we all could go to concerts, markets, and all sorts of events? However, as a response to the COVID-19 pandemic, mass gatherings were banned around the world. Live events, sports, and even weddings were canceled to prevent the spread of infection. Now as the infection rates have started to stabilize, the government has cautiously allowed the re-opening of events. Your gatherings needn’t be nostalgic anymore!

Since COVID-19 still exists amidst us, it is imperative to hold these events and gatherings with a lot of caution. 

If you are holding an event, it becomes extremely important for you to strive to keep everyone safe. 

So, what’s the best way to do that?

The answer is a temporary fence panel. These panels is always used in outdoor events and is often taken for granted. But now with the new social distancing norms, they become all the more critical.

Benefits of temporary fence panels in outdoor events

Whether yours is a single-day event or its spread over days, temporary construction fencing is a tried and tested way to keep everyone safe. Here are some of the benefits that you can gain by installing a fence at your event:

Adherence to social distancing norms

You have all these people jostling to get into queues or crowd in a single place. This is where a temporary fence panel comes in. You can use one as a barricade to help people queue in a single file and maintain distance from each other. These fence panels are also a great space to display social distancing signage. 

Crowd control

This is a time when no event company wants to have over-crowding at their event and increase the risk of COVID transmission. This is where temporary construction fencing plays a role. Set near the entry area of the event, it helps the security team to prevent extra people from entering the event, especially when it has reached its full capacity.

Organizing crowd behavior

At events, we usually notice group behavior i.e. people trying to walk the same passages and arrive and leave at the same time. This may cause crowding in pods and pitches, leading to tight gatherings for a long time in a single spot. To avoid this, you can use a temporary fence panel to separate one-way footpaths to control the ingress and egress of people.

Saving costs

Usually, venues for events have expensive equipment lying around. When not monitored, intruders with malicious intent may damage or steal pieces of equipment. An event fence panel can be used to cordon the equipment holding space to prevent any untoward incidents from happening. This helps not just in saving costs but also in expensive event delays. 

Prevent unauthorised intruders

If your company conducts high-profile events with celebrity performers and guests, their security becomes paramount. These guests need not just be kept socially distanced but also from unauthorized people or overzealous people. A temporary fence panel helps in creating a barricade between the guests and the crowds. This allows them not just to reach the performance area from a separate passageway but also secures that area from intruders. 

Besides these advantages, event fence panels also have some inherent advantages including:

  1. Since they are not permanent, you don’t need to park a lot of monies in it.
  2. They are easy to install and dismantle. 
  3. Temporary fence panels can be easily replaced in case they break or get worn down.
  4. Event fence panels have versatile uses such as crowd control, cordoning off an area, placing signages and advertisements, and more. 

The need of the hour is that every event organizer should adhere to government-led guidelines and act responsibly while conducting events. A temporary fence panel is indispensable when it comes to ensuring social distancing norms. To ensure that your purpose is fulfilled, you need to source quality fence panels from a credible company like Battlefield Supply. We have been serving the Alberta region for more than 2 decades and, whatever be the event type and scale, offer customized fencing solutions. We offer same-day installations and round-the-clock service support. Just call us at 403-700-5922 or drop in at 255185 Rg Rd 280 Delacour, Ab to know more. 


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