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Tips for Professional PowerPoint presentation

Do you know how to prepare a professional PowerPoint presentation? Everyone has created a ppt presentation at some point, whether in business or college. But few people know how to create a presentation that truly attracts attention.

Powerpoint is the most used tool around the world, whether by professionals or students, for creating presentations. In addition to being easy to use and helping to keep the speech sequence, Powerpoint still has visuals that make presentations less tiring.

However, although the feature is still quite suitable for professional presentations, care must be taken not to make any mistakes and slips when creating the slides.

These mistakes, in professional life, can end up damaging your reputation, bypassing an air of unpreparedness, or even lack of ability and knowledge.

Some tips for a professional powerpoint presentation

1. Plan your presentation

To create an impactful, professional PowerPoint presentation that can deliver all the information you want, it’s very important to plan and script the presentation.

The beginning of the planning can be done from a simple document in Word. In it, write down and organize your ideas. 

With this document, it will be possible to understand and structure the best way to present them with slides.

2. Care when composing your slide

There are a few things to keep in mind when formatting and writing your professional PowerPoint presentation like essay writing :

  • Be careful when copying and pasting texts from different sources. A simple copy doesn’t look very good anymore (unless it’s justified as a citation.)
  • If you use quotes or external texts, a second issue is that the texts may retain the original formatting from which they were taken. Which, in addition to showing that you didn’t write it, will be messy and confusing in the PPT.
  • The layout should be as simple as possible. The focus is on the headlines and main information on a given subject, giving too much prominence to the screen can harm the perception of the content. You can use elements to decorate the slide in a sober and balanced way.
  • Too many details can distract your audience. Always remember the motto: “less is more”. Less text, less elements, less colors. Following this reasoning, the font used should also be simple and easy to read, in addition to having a suitable size for comfortable reading.

3. Keep the visual standard on your slides

Remember that a professional ppt presentation should have well-defined visual characteristics. 

To get an idea of ​​the importance of visual aspects in a presentation, 67% of people are persuaded by verbal presentations accompanied by visual aids.

When putting together your professional Powerpoint presentation template, don’t keep changing colors or fonts randomly.

If you’re presenting a specific brand or company, choose the colors for their visual identity. 

Also, use logos or elements that characterize who you are representing in this presentation.

4. Choose the right colors for your PowerPoint presentation

Still, on the visual identity aspect of a professional presentation, think very well about the combination of colors used. Not all colors combine harmoniously with each other, conveying good taste. 

For example, green and pink, together, only look beautiful on the Mangueira flag. So always prioritize contrasts in a PowerPoint presentation

The classic white background with black font is the best combination, being ideal even for reading. But if you want to get away from the obvious, look at two colors that, together, don’t detract from your slide’s visibility.

The same issue applies to the tags you are going to use. Always prioritize good contrasts, taking care not to use two extremely bright colors together.

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