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Pune Apartment Rental Vs Buying a Dream Home in Pradhikaran

You may think that buying your dream home in one of the latest integrated housing projects in Pune is beyond your capabilities. But in reality it is now no easier to get a house.

Today, most lenders and banks are very generous in providing mortgages. In other words, even if you don’t have enough real money to put aside, you can still take your dreams home with you.

For many people, buying a dream Flats for sale in Chandigarh is a difficult process  – it requires a large down payment. This is not certain. Buying a home also depends a lot on your budget and the location you choose.

Since Pune properties are sold in the center of the city, they are certainly not affordable. You can see this by looking at the 2010 property price in Pune. However, if you buy a house in PCMC near Pune, you will get a better deal and an affordable price.

A mortgage to buy your dream Flats for sale in Kochi on one of these modern integral housing projects is possible. The down payment you make when buying the home of your dreams becomes the entire purchase.

The more money you invest in a home when you buy it. The lower your monthly payment (or monthly installment amount equal to EMI).

If you are currently homeless, you may be living in a rented house or apartment. It’s certainly an option, but you’re still paying for accommodation that you can use in your own home instead.

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Currently renting an apartment in Pune to pay a mortgage for real estate Pradikaran costs CPMC. Of course it’s useless.

It is recommended that you consider converting your monthly rent for a small apartment in Pune. Into a monthly fee for your dream home with Pimpri-Chinch Wad City Corporation.

There is no shortage of banks that offer very easy terms and interest rates for mortgages. In fact, the strong competitiveness of the mortgage market in Pune offers an advantage: you can choose the loan plan that suits you best.

There are several ways you can get a mortgage. Generally speaking, developers in Pune connect with major banks to make the process easy and convenient for the customers. Brokers can also be used to get a mortgage – they are also very helpful when it comes to making an excellent offer on your home at a price that suits you.

As long as you plan your budget and step by step, you will be closer than you thought to having your dream home. Blessed with natural beauty and good infrastructure, you have the opportunity to build a beautiful house in Pradikaran.

Time to rethink the logic of continuing to pay rent for a smaller house in a busy area of ​​Pune.

Supply and Price Trends of Residential Apartments in Pune

The real estate market in the Pune metropolitan area is stable in terms of supply and demand. Despite a 14% increase in total supply over the past 6 months. Global unsold jobs account for 21% (up from 20% 6 months ago and 22% 12 months ago). 1821 housing projects in Pune were studied in the city. Housing projects in Pune are under construction or nearing completion. But some analyzes that can be sold are considered in the analysis.

The project has a total of 2,03,186 apartments and 1,821 apartments in Pune, Pune, at various stages of construction. Out of a total of 2,036 186 apartments in Pune, 43,305 (21%) apartments in Pune were put up for sale (unsold inventory), which is 79% of sales (1,599,881 apartments in Pune).

Inventories not sold 6 months ago were 20% (36,124 apartments out of 1,787,775 in Pune) and 22% 12 months ago (38,323 out of 1,74,981 apartments in Pune). In general, unsold shares remained in the range of 20% -22%. The wider nature of this indicates that apartment projects in Pune are growing in some range of clientele.

Total unsold inventories increased from 36,124 units in December 2011 to 43,305 units in June 2012 by 7,181 units (19.8%). However, the percentage of units sold from shipped units was 21% in June 2012, 20% on December 1, 2012 and 2012. % In June 2011.


Prices have increased by about 14.08% over the last 12 months (ie, June 11 – June 12) compared to 10.66% in the previous 12 months (June 10 and June 11). This is the highest growth in the last 6 months compared to the previous four and a half years. In June 2011, the average market price was Rs. 3467 / sf. This was translated into Rs. In December 2011 it was 3647 square meters per square meter and in June 2012 it was 3955 square meters.

This reflects the trends observed in Flats for sale in Ahmedabad in recent years. A strong market that absorbs a stable unit. This trend is confirmed by considering the rise. In assets in 20 major markets, which is 14% over the last 20 years.


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